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iPhone 8 can receive scanner iris

iPhone 8 может получить сканер радужной оболочки глазаSuppliers are already preparing for shipments the corresponding component for the future of the gadget.

Insiders confirmed previously appeared information that the flagship smartphone Apple next generation, appearing in reports like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, receive scanner iris.

One of the distinguishing features of the iPhone 8 will be an advanced system of biometric identification of users. And it’s not only about integrating a better fingerprint scanner. Apple also intends to use the scanner iris of the eye that allows you to authenticate a contactless manner. The system involves the use of near-infrared light, that is, the identification will be possible in the dark.

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The sources also reported about the possibility of the release of the iPhone 8 before the due date because of an earlier start the production of smartphones. There are all prerequisites that Apple intends as soon as possible to bring new products to market.

However, the shear production terms can be dictated by the fact that Apple wants to thoroughly test the device. This is understandable, given the radical changes in the next iPhone. Presumably, the new model will have OLED display from edge to edge, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, built right into the display, the camera with 3D shooting, support for wireless charging.

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Starting production of the iPhone early, Apple will have plenty of time to eliminate defects and to stock up on supplies at the time of release.

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