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IPhone 7 is again dissatisfied with the smartphone

Владельцы iPhone 7 снова недовольны смартфономA number of owners iPhone 7 Plus complained to Apple for a strange feature.

According to them, when shooting the images are often rostomashvili or has the effect of “watercolor”.

Users claim that the image is blurred when taking a picture, it turns out, even in ideal conditions, when the smartphone is on a solid, level surface. However, other models of iPhone in this same situation give clear pictures.

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Moreover, as noted by Apple Insider, the problem is not widespread – with 1004 individuals seeking support, only eight reported problems with the camera.

In addition, some owners of iPhone 7 Plus managed to solve the problem by optimizing the storage (Optimize storage) in the settings. In addition, a blur does not occur when the image is created in RAW format in Lightroom.

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Part of the users felt that the error can be caused by incorrect operation of optical stabilization. Apple has not yet commented on this issue, many owners of iPhone 7 Plus to go to the service.

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