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iOS 12 sends messages at its discretion

iOS 12 отправляет сообщения по своему усмотрениюA new feature in iOS 12 sends the messages “” contacts.

A new feature in iOS 12 is designed to sort the messages. But the novelty has unexpected consequences for users who share their Apple ID with my family.

Users on forums report that their messages intended for only one person, go, for example, as their husband, and child or mother and sister through such mergers.

The feature was designed to merge the chats that you had with those iOS device users who have multiple phone numbers and email addresses. Popular examples are, for example, a few chats with a friend from work on the basis of personal phone numbers and work email.

However, messages sent to third parties, it can be a disaster because of gossip among his colleagues or, for example, due to problems in the family. In most cases, if not all, users with a similar problem, it seems, are in close family relations.

It’s not like we’re dealing with a bug, but a consequence of the fact that Apple does not consider that its clients use new features unintentionally. It is assumed that each person has their Apple ID and, theoretically, contacts, merged Apple ID must belong to the same person.

Judging by the many cases in communities Apple support families, it seems, shared Apple IDs to make purchases in the App Store or to monitor the activities of children. Although commentators say that the solution is to just set up separate Apple IDs for each family member, but for those whose chats are already integrated, it doesn’t work.

Another problem with merged chats is that, it seems, there is no way to manually share contacts in Messenger, as iOS only 12 erroneously unites them.

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