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Investors Star Citizen will not be able to recover their money

The possibility of a return of cash was removed from Star Citizen.

2 million users donated for the development of an ambitious space simulator Star Citizen has over $190 million, but many of them over the years of development have become disappointed in the project and want to regain their money. And if earlier it was quite normal procedure, and now Cloud Imperium Games anyone to return the money is not going to, unless you meet the criteria listed at the end of this article.

The possibility of a return of cash was removed from Star Citizen update of the terms of this agreement (which, as a rule, nobody reads) June 6, 2016. However, the company continued to repay users the money until December 2017. The vast majority of people learned about it only now, thanks to Reddit user under the pseudonym Firefly212. He told how through the court wanted to return the money spent on the space simulator, but to win the case failed.

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Representatives of Cloud Imperium Games were able to prove that the latest version of the user agreement allows them to keep all the money themselves (even those that have been received since inception of the project) and not return them unhappy players.

This outcome wasn’t surprised indie developer Derek Smart (Derek Smart). He was confident in the outcome of litigation, as of 2015, closely followed the changes in documentation and contract Studio, and have long noted that the developers gradually deprived of all rights and soon the fans will have a chance to refund their money. According to the current user agreement, Star Citizen, developers no longer are required to provide to investors financial statements, as promised during the Kickstarter campaign, and are not obliged to release the game.

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We note that investors still have the opportunity to request a refund if payment was made within the last 14 days. If this time came, to get the money back, even in the case of closing Star Citizen, anymore.

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