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Investments in unprofitable enterprises have not given effect

Инвестиции в убыточные предприятия не дали эффекта

Today the President held a meeting on the implementation of the most problematic investment projects. Previously, Alexander Lukashenko instructed to consider in detail the problematic issues in the field and in the government, and under the personal responsibility of officials to develop system solutions for the effective development of enterprises, but decisions have not yet seen.


According to him, the government by the end of the year is traditionally prepared proposals on the provision of regular government support.

— If this support is justified, we will provide: such is life. But only after it is proved that in this support, applicants need not have failed to objectively plan for modernization and investment that was brought to their notice, Lukashenka is quoted by his press service.

The head of state was asked why the investment of considerable funding for individual projects was ineffective and decisions taken by the government to stabilize the operation of enterprises.

— What made the new government to launch production of new enterprises, which invested a lot of credit resources? What would it take to eliminate errors? he asked. — I also want to hear how the production is developing, protection of Belarusian nature. This is our main wealth and a priceless heritage that belongs not only to us but to the children, which we must preserve. And claims to investors at the offices for the protection of nature abound.

The President stressed the importance of the meeting: at stake is hundreds of millions of dollars.

— I’m interested in especially the production, which hearing is not the first year, but never started to work or work very poorly. The theme for all clear, so let’s not waste time and suffering, laments, spells to decide what to do next, especially with several enterprises which have a long time to work and make a profit, he said.

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