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Investigatory experiment in the case of the Maidan in jeopardy

Следственный эксперимент по делу Майдана под угрозой срываProsecutors could seek a transfer of a temporary memorial to the heroes of the Heavenly hundred, which interferes with the experiment.

The head of the investigative Department of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk said that investigators still can’t conduct an investigative experiment in the alley of Heroes Heavenly hundreds in Kiev. He stated this at a briefing on Monday, October 22.

According to the Gorbatyuk, difficulties arose because of the inability to move the temporary memorial to the Heavenly hundred, which interferes with the experiment.

“Today there was such situation that in a week or in 10 days, can begin work (for the construction of the memorial complex – ed.) and has so far not moved the memorial is temporary, so we can spend quality investigative experiments that cannot be held efficiently because it prevents. The situation is almost hopeless” – said Gorbatyuk.

He added that the investigators on this occasion, in July, appealed to the Kiev administration, that there did not allow any changes on the site – such as cutting trees or removing boxes until the conclusion of the investigative experiment.

“The Prosecutor issued a decree banning any changes to the completion of the investigative experiments in the month of July. And at the same time a letter was sent to KCSA, to transfer the memorial, previously obtained consent from the families of the Heavenly hundred. But since July, our requests do not resonate with the KSCA and, accordingly, you see, is not tolerated (memorial ed.), inhibited investigative experiments,” – said Gorbatyuk.

Also, according to him, the investigators appealed to court with the petition for arrest of the plot.

“We asked the court to impose a lien on the parcel until the completion of the investigative experiments. And at the hearing the judge said to the Prosecutor that satisfies this requirement. But imagine – when the Prosecutor came to the decision, it says that the court denied the petition to arrest”, – was indignant Gorbatyuk.

He stressed that now the investigators to this area can not proceed.

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