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Investigation team on the MH17 stumped awkward question from Russia

A court in the Netherlands, which will consider the question of accountability in the death of Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 in the sky over the Donbas, scheduled for March 9, 2020. This was reported at the last press conference of the joint investigation team (Joint investigation team, JIT) on the downed airliner that took place on 19 June.

This press conference was presented the official “list of suspects”, including three Russians and one citizen of Ukraine. However, no clear evidence which would show the connection of these persons with the crash of flight MH17, and was not charged. Representatives of the JIT is limited to the publication of several vague telephone interceptions that have nothing to do with the fact that the collapse of the liner.

At the same time the direct question of the Russian journalist about the Ukrainian issue of the missiles, discovered by JIT, and the lack of marks on her start-up area of Snow on the Russian radar set speakers from JIT to a standstill.

The ghostly connection

A large part of the press conference was devoted to “criminal group” of four people: speakers from JIT showed the press information telephone intercepts obtained, most likely through the Ukrainian security service, which had in the summer of 2014 access the telephone network of Donbass.

However, nothing is certain from those negotiations show failed. In most of these discussions took place without mentioning names and locations of the speakers — or using a code known only to them the names of the equipment. For example, in the first of intercepted telephone conversations of the transported object (?) … called “beauty”. Is it mentioned on the “buke”?

One of the published conversations, which is referred to as a consequence of of one of accused Igor Girkin allegedly had with the assistant to the Prime Minister of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, was recorded on 8 June 2014, i.e. more than a month before the MH17 disaster! But even in such a long interception to the investigators of the JIT was able to hear only a General request for help with the weapon, which Shooters tried to pass through the Crimean authorities — but not the request to move a particular “Buck” from the territory of the Russian Federation.

As is conventionally tied to the events of 17 July 2014 and a joint press conference Girkin and the then Prime Minister DND Alexander Beard, which was held on 10 June of the same year and which was also mentioned hopes for “aid to Russia in address to the NPT.”

It is also interesting that devoting Boroday part of the review of the indictment, investigators JIT in the end did not even bother to include it in the list of “suspects”. However, as mentioned above, four connection with the “Buck” was so illusory that followed from the journalist’s questions on the evidence base caught investigators by surprise.

“Funny pictures”

As evidence that Russia allegedly sent to the territory of the breakaway republics of the complex “Buk” and, moreover, used this weapon for a deliberate shot at Malaysian Boeing, at the last press conference was not given anything. This is indicative of a five-year investigation the fact that the participants were trying to disguise a variety of funny stories, not pulling on the “evidence”.

For example, the audience was presented the “fun” life of the soldiers and officers of the 53rd Russian brigade. The JIT investigators were forced to admit that all the photos were taken… in Russia itself (!). The investigation and confessed that he had no evidence that anyone depicted in the pictures people were on the territory of the DNI and LC 17 July 2014.

But on the site investigation five years later, still hanging calls for possible “witness” the death of the liner — to contact the investigation team and tell the important details about the “Russian military”, if any are available.

In this long and clearly traceable Ukrainian trace in the events of 17 July 2014 was again ignored by the investigation. In particular, the question of the Russian journalist about how does it take the JIT into account information about the Ukrainian number provided as a “weapon of destruction” missiles and how to analyze the data of the Russian radars, which are not detected the missile launch from the area of Snow, were left unanswered.

After a long pause, during which speakers decide who will answer this basic question, the representatives of the JIT tried to disavow raised a Russian theme. They stated that “their experts have another opinion” — different from the one that was represented by the specialists from Russia.

On the direct question, what are the credentials of these “experts” and what are their “differences” with the data of the Russian side, a clear answer was not forthcoming.

Progovorka about “different opinion” makes a lot of sense. In fact, once again, we are dealing with hackneyed rhetoric “Haile-licly” when someone’s unfounded judgment is issued for comprehensively backed up by proof.

At the same time the radar data, with no marks of launch and number of missiles, which shows that she was in possession of the Ukraine, have a self-sufficient probative value, does not require any comments.

Duplicity JIT finds no support even in the Netherlands itself. In particular, the leader of the second Dutch party “Forum for democracy” Terry Baudetat the may debate directly expressed their doubts about the sweeping accusations against Russia and at the same time raised the question of the independence of JIT.

How is it that outraged Baudet, a potential culprit of the accident Ukraine is included in the investigative team, while Russia, which is constantly considered guilty without any evidence, not even admitted to the materials of the investigation and not invited to the investigation group?!

Apparently, after today’s farce JIT, with his defamation of Russia, fake “evidence” and cynical departure from the issue of material evidence, public doubt the impartiality of the anti-Russian “investigation” will only be strengthened.

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