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Inventions that changed the lives of people in 2016. Photo

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. ФотоThis year there are many useful inventions.

2016, maybe, was not the best year for the world in many ways, but, nevertheless, in the last 12 months, a host of actual innovations that will more effectively address global and social challenges.

1. Edible drone

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Cheap drone prototype named Pouncer, was designed to help to deliver humanitarian aid to remote areas with impassable roads. Pouncer not only brings the Essentials to the needy, but also can be used for survival: it is a plywood frame can be used for kindling a fire, on wings of linked food, as a protective coating can be used as a tent for a makeshift shelter.

Windhorse Aerospace, a company that has developed a Pouncer, said that the drone was made specifically to revolutionize the help in liquidation of consequences of natural disasters. The team hopes that the prototype will become a reality in 2017.

2. The wheelchair for the third world

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Despite all the problems of the past year, inventors are constantly inventing ingenious gadgets and ideas that will solve problems of inequality and to improve the world for millions of people. In particular, was created by incredibly cheap wheelchair, which for a penny mozco will do for the poor people in “third world countries”.

3. Device for cleaning the shoreline

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat first proposed machine for cleaning the ocean when he was only 17 years old. But the prototype unit, which was named Boomy McBoomface was finally commissioned in June 2016, after they found $ 10 million in funding. Device Send floats along the coast and collects garbage from the ocean surface. Then the debris is delivered to a Central “tower” where it is sorted for recycling.

4. High-tech toy Lrka

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Lrka – much more than just a clever toy. Interactive and multi-sensory device and more like a “friend” specially designed for children with autism, and encourages them to develop through independent play. Round toy plays sounds and music, is able to “talk” flashes and vibrates to attract children. Lrka also completely customizable, which means that the toy can be adapted to meet the needs of the child. Manufacturers of toys have successfully managed to complete the Indiegogo campaign for the summer of 2016, bringing together more than 152% of the planned funds.

5. Tent for homeless WeatherHYDE

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

WeatherHYDE – a tent that protects the homeless and poor families in developing countries from any weather. One side of the tent is equipped with reflective panels, which cooled the interior from the intense heat. The other side protects from extreme cold due to their insulating panels. On Kickstarter, a campaign for funding the production and distribution of 500 tents among the needy families, during which it raised over $ 145 000.

6. Device to aid deaf Furenexo

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Furenexo startup on Kickstarter, which was launched in order to build SoundSense is a small easy to carry device that was developed to help deaf people to detect loud sounds and alerts. The device can detect warning signals such as sirens and car horns, turning them into vibration. Is such a device $ 30 – much lower than a similar device.

7. Edible Cutlery

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Indian companies have created Bakeys edible spoon of rice, wheat and sorghum to help curb the problem of huge amounts of plastic waste. Cutlery, which have a shelf life of two years, are supplied with aromas of spices, such as ginger, garlic and cumin. However, such spoons do not dissolve even in hot soup. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign in early 2016 to raise money for the distribution of such ware in communities throughout India and earned nearly $ 150 000.

8. Sidewalk lights for smartphone lovers

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

In recent time people are so used to using smartphones that do not tear off eyes from the screen even on the street. And it is very unsafe, for example, when crossing the road. That is why the German Department of public transport of the city of Augsburg began to install devices that are built into traffic lights in some urban pedestrian crossings across the country. The company hopes that these devices will be able to ensure the safety of pedestrians, sending signals to their smartphones.

9. Futuristic Elevated bus Transit Bus

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

In may, the best engineers of China presented a prototype of a huge bus, which “floats” above the cars on the road. Innovation, which was created to maximize road space, will help to reduce traffic congestion and reduce pollution. Elevated electric Transit Bus rides on rails, towering over the ordinary roads and not interfering with the traffic. Each such vehicle can carry 1200 passengers incredible, and it is cheaper than the existing options of public transport.

10. Strong condom LELO HEX

Изобретения, изменившие жизнь людей в 2016 году. Фото

Condoms LELO HEX will increase the safety of bed pleasures, because they are impossible to break. Developed this “rubber product number 2” seven years and went on sale in the summer of 2016. Due to the hexagonal structure of the material from which they are made, LELO HEX can withstand much more load and friction than traditional condoms.

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