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Invented fluid replacement sports

Изобретена жидкость, заменяющая занятия спортомScientists from the U.S. created a chemical drug to replace sports. If he shows a good side, it can use cores to improve the overall condition.

In fact, we are talking about varieties of power, whose action is similar to those used by athletes before the competition for “drying” of the body.

Found a substance called GW1516 thus affecting the genetic apparatus of a living being that when the metabolism becomes predominant metabolism of fat and not glycogen and carbohydrates. This leads to the fact that the body will accumulate excess fat, which will actively be disposed of properly, and carbohydrates are promptly delivered to the brain to ensure its energy needs. This should overall reduce the amount of food consumed, boost mood and stamina in all situations, whether physical or mental.

A substance, synthesized by American researchers, has been successfully tested on mice. They were doing a daily injection of GW1516 for a period of eight weeks. In the end the experimental group compared to the control not only lost weight, but also increased endurance by as much as 70% without having to practice every day.

In the next step I want to move to testing on volunteers. It is not necessary in the coming years to wait for this miracle drug on the market, because the procedure of registration and obtaining permits takes more than a year.

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