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Invented a new method of cooling processors

Придуман новый способ охлаждения процессоровToday for cooling of electronic systems in most of the cases used a variety of radiators.

Usually they are cooled either by air flow or a fluid circulating in a closed system.

However, scientists from the Duke University together with specialists from Intel have invented a new method of removing heat from high performance electronic components. They propose to use for this special chamber with a small amount of water.

Of course, pouring water on electronic components no plans. Scientists propose to create a compact sealed chamber. It can be installed on “hot” electronic components. While inside the chamber will be composed of superhydrophobic and porous surfaces, between which can move a small amount of moisture. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As planned by the specialists, a small amount of moisture will evaporate from porous surfaces, superhydrophobic to settle on parts of the camera, gather in large drops and then fall back on a porous surface.

Scientists believe that their development has great potential and works significantly more efficient than existing cooling systems. However, the introduction of such technology, professionals have yet to solve a number of problems.

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