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Invalids recover by order of the Ministry of labor: how officials do it

Инвалиды выздоравливают по приказу Минтруда: как чиновники делают это

It is not the expertise. This punishment

Invalids recover by order of the Ministry of labor: how officials do it

2014 – 12,95 million
2015 year of 12.92 million
2016 is the year to 12.75 million
2017 of 12.26 million
2018 – 12,11 million
2019 – 11,95 million

These figures indicate the number of people with disabilities in Russia, according to Rosstat. As we can see, 2014 was less than 1 million.

What is the reason for the reduction for disability statistics?

The fact is, in 2014 began to clarify the criteria of disability. First, the criterion of “impaired functions of the human body” was introduced for adults: violations from 10 to 30% not disabled 40% disabled. Children with disabilities were established, according to the order 664н from 2014, “in the presence of the child disability of any category and any of three degrees of severity of restrictions.” To change this order in 2015 came another, 1024н, in which for the children was a criterion of the violation of the functions of the body from 40%.

Children with disabilities began to lose disability and with it benefits and allowances, and the possibility of rehabilitation.

Their parents were outraged, demanded to cancel the order, to understand, to specify the criteria of disability.

The Ministry understood, clarified and issued a new order, 585н, which entered into force on 1 January 2020. If he eased the life of families of children with disabilities? No, just complicated. Why?

In the new order details the order of invalidity to children to include the international classification of functioning (ICF).


Natalya Kudryavtseva, lawyer at Ministry of labour

IFF is included in order to more accurately describe the condition of the child. This helps ITU to understand how disorders of the body for life. Yes, there are diseases that can pose a hazard to human life in a certain period.

With diseases such as heart disease or asthma, you can live, and they are not a reason for disability. And then, the children are treated not to be disabled. Disability is not a reward for their suffering.

But those who visited the medical and social assessment (ITU), another opinion on this.


Tamara (all names have been changed)

My son is 16. Nikita severe form of autism. At the beginning of this year, we held ITU. He asked a few questions: what’s your name, how old are you if you feel. Nikita answered these questions easily, because the doctors often ask him, he answers them automatically. On the table of ITU lay the document folder, which didn’t even look and said that my son is healthy: it is well comes into contact with people and can talk to.

I was dumbfounded. Nikita is afraid of people. He can’t buy bread at the store, cross the road, ride on the bus. They asked him three questions, and on this basis decided his fate, without looking at the documents. Of course, I challenged the decision of the ITU. Went to the lawyers and even the court. Disability back. I just don’t understand why these endless walking? Why prove what is so clear? Maybe it’s setting on top?


Installation, of course. The lawyer of the regional public organization of disabled people “Perspektiva” Linh Nguyen once said in his interview to the Agency for social information: “In the country there is a setting to minimize the recognition of people with disabilities. And, consequently, save on benefits, and the provision of technical means of rehabilitation and rehabilitation services”.

In the explanatory Memorandum to the Budget of the pension Fund of the Russian Federation on 2019-2022 he said that for the next two years the number of receiving monthly monetary payments (EDV) among persons with disabilities will be reduced by 300 thousand people. Of course, ITU’s work allows us to achieve this goal.


Mary, mother of 12-year-old Misha

Misha three years is on disability for cerebral palsy. Over the past year he has had three operations. Now it are metal plates in both legs. Misha severe hypertonicity in the whole body. He even to eat and drink he really can’t. But members of ITU decided that he is healthy, because they asked him two times to pass around the room, and he has. Yes, Mike can walk in a straight line, but stairs, curbs and ramps, even for him — space. Then they asked him to do five sit-UPS, but he couldn’t: the metal plates cause terrible pain.

Then a member of the ITU pushed him. Mike screamed, and even jumped from the pain. And the Commission said, “Well, you see, you have it may even jump. He is healthy”. A total of 30% of the disturbance of body functions. Only on inspection Misha took 10 minutes. I was dumbfounded by the behavior of members of the examination: I did not think that the child can get hurt.

To challenge the decision was problematic because it was not written anywhere on the basis of which the disability was removed. I’ve been looking for a free lawyer, for two months we tried to establish a disability. Managed. But why suffer like this? It is not the expertise. It is a punishment. As if we are clever criminals.


Galina Ulyanova, the lawyer of the company legal assistance to parents of children with disabilities “Patronus”

The truth is, to hold ITU as carried out in Russia, it is impossible. That doctors can understand 10-15 minutes of the examination? Nothing. This should be observing a child within a few days. With regard to the documents, you never let it be said, what information and tests are needed.

To challenge the decision of the ITU is extremely difficult, as it is a collegial peer review, individual opinions, it is not intended. Any documents not enough? Unknown. On what basis was denied disability? You will never know

Stories about denial of disability have a lot. A boy with a prosthetic leg, which the parents said that perfectly healthy people do not happen. Girl with eye prosthesis, which denied disability because she has one healthy eye. A child with a severe form of heart disease, and many other children. Someone managed to return to the disability, others not.

The result is a cursory surface examination of the disability is removed, and parents with children with disabilities are forced to run around to lawyers and courts.

Not because they are the swindlers want to profit at public expense. They just know that without the help of the state their children are doomed to a hard life with no benefits and operations without an individual plan of rehabilitation, and no rehabilitation.

Officials, put yourself in the shoes of these mothers and live a day in the life which they live. In one day four times you will hear that the state didn’t ask you to give birth to a disabled person, five times get on the bus heavy child, see how your son or daughter can’t climb the stairs to the prosthesis.

And most importantly — you’ll be asking, begging, the group of officials who have no idea how the children live with disabilities, to make life easier for you. And one day you’ll be left with a baby without a penny. Why? Yes, because the Ministry of labor has decided that “children are treated not to be disabled” or because you just can’t challenge the decision mediko-social examination.

Gentlemen officials, we may have in the future will not be the word “disabled” because maybe you will ever be able to build an accessible environment, will provide children with Tutors, social workers at school, will prepare a team of teachers who know how to work with children with special needs that the parents did not sit with them all day, and went to work.

Make ramps, elevators, lifts in public areas. Create modern dentures, which are completely replaced limbs, make a rehabilitation in Russia is available at a price to the parents of the child could have exonerated him no benefits in the country, and not for crazy money abroad. Then it will be already possible not to pay EDV and not give benefits.

But until you build huge houses and shopping centers, which are designed only for healthy people; or put each year new roads that fall apart after six months and that can not drive no wheelchair — us to talk about it too soon.

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