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Internet brutes attacked Medvedev

Интернет скоты напали на Медведеву

Again, the cattle and the shame of the Internet. Cattle actively started to poison the participant of CHempionata figure skating Championships, Evgeny Medvedev. They pretend to be patriots of their country, but really just mentally ill idiots, which cries PSIHIATRICHESKAYA hospital.

Sports picks best victory in the latest tournament was won by Medvedev, the choice of Federation of figure skating is pure sport. Bastards and scum don’t think about it. It’s trash – the true enemy of his country and in any country…

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The true motivation of the cattle. the desire to draw attention to themselves. but such an attempt to draw attention to themselves is pathetic and despicable. Good luck to Evgenia Medvedeva, she is now a difficult period. My wife is now an important belief in yourself, and the ability to send away evil poisoned cattle. Do it for her, fear themselves. your fate etchants Internet, very miserable and dangerous for you.

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