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International scandals that began in confusion. Photo

Международные скандалы, начавшиеся конфузом. ФотоEntertaining diplomatic embarrassments of the last century.

Sometimes to make a reservation, go to sleep or just to win a football match is fraught international scandal.

They were just similar

Международные скандалы, начавшиеся конфузом. Фото

During a visit to Tokyo in 2002, us President George W. Bush discussed with the Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi of the possibility of economic reforms. Later, summing up the discussion, the US President said that the speech, in particular, was about the devaluation of the yen. The currency market reacted instantaneously: once the American President is going to derail the national currency, from it, you should immediately get rid of! The yen was falling in his eyes. The panic lasted as long as the White house spokesman reported: Bush just confused the words “devaluation” and “deflation” and was not referring to the depreciation of the yen against the dollar, and on the contrary the increase its purchasing power.

Ten years earlier a similar situation occurred with his father George Bush senior. During the visit to Canberra of the 41st President of the United States decided to welcome local farmers sign of a victory (V) — divorced two fingers. And, of course, could not understand why the audience suddenly turned into a hostile. It turns out that in Australia, the V sign, when the palm is facing to the showing, means the same as we have the elongated middle finger.
Irish dream

Международные скандалы, начавшиеся конфузом. Фото

On 30 September 1994 in the Irish airport Shannon was scheduled 40-minute diplomatic meeting. Arrival of Russian President Boris Yeltsin gathered to make a stop on the way from the United States to the homeland, waiting for the Prime Minister of Ireland albert Reynolds, other officials, an honor guard. The plane landed, but out of it nobody hurried. Hitch lasted. Greeters were perplexed. Finally the ramp came down, Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Soskovets and explained that Boris couldn’t take the jetlag and not feeling well. Of course, the condition of the President was immediately spread panic rumors. Yeltsin himself explained afterwards that he had fallen asleep and the guards forgot to Wake him up. Head of presidential protection Alexander Korzhakov later claimed that the illness was caused by the abuse of alcohol.
Hat for the Queen

Международные скандалы, начавшиеся конфузом. Фото

Communication with the monarchs requires a thorough knowledge of etiquette. The strict part of the Protocol and the British Royal court. But in addition to the known rules there are secret installation, the violation of which will not be aloud to be denounced, but shocking close: for example, it is considered unacceptable to color the ladies ‘ dresses matched or contrasted with the dress of Queen Elizabeth. In 2003 in such an awkward situation came the wife of the President of Russia. Lyudmila Putin carefully prepared for the visit to London. Outfit for meeting with Her Majesty was made from ordered in Italy fabric Vyacheslav Zaitsev. In the tone of the dress was made and hat. But here’s the problem: the size is almost two times higher than the headdress of Queen that, according to the Palace law, is invalid. However, later the former first lady of United States Michelle Obama has far exceeded this minor awkwardness, hugged Elizabeth II, which is also, of course, bad.
How to offend the Swedes

The new York media company BuzzFeed has managed to offend at once all of Sweden. The Americans have encroached on the most expensive — a favorite national dish! The reason for the scandal was the video in which the reporters were going to try surströmming — fermented herring. However, before the tasting is not reached. As soon as you open the tin, the heroes scattered in all directions, holding their noses. The flight was accompanied by a review, from which we can understand that the room at the same time the smell of the public restroom and half-decayed corpse. “The ugliest thing I ever smelled!” — said one of the frustrated tasters. The video became viral, gathering over the week more than a million views. Swedish producers and fans of the original dishes was out of control: the Bank is not even cooled before opening, as prescribed by the manual!

The habit of the Swedes to this kind of food originated in the XVI century, when one day because of a lack of salt fish was not salted, and fermented. But hunger is not my aunt — decided to try it. The taste was much better smell. Since then, the pickled herring was for the poor common dish. And although in the seventeenth century court physician of Queen Christina, wrote that the smell of surstromming reminiscent of fresh feces, an unusual treat is appreciated and the “cream of society”. And distinctive flavor, they say, makes the dish spicy.
Lost in translation

Международные скандалы, начавшиеся конфузом. Фото

In 1977, at the height of the cold war, Jimmy Carter decided to visit the country of the socialist camp — Poland. This was an important step. Who would have thought that all attempts at understanding will be negated by the translator? When the US President said that he wants to know the opinion of poles about the future, it sounded like “I’m eager poles and want to fuck”. And that’s not all. From States Carter at the mercy of the translator Steven Seymour is gone forever, and instead praise the Polish Constitution, sounded a mockery. It is easy to guess that instead of the expected warming of relations the President has caused even more tension.

A similar thing happened with Nikita Khrushchev in 1956, during a meeting with Western ambassadors in Moscow. The first Secretary of the Central Committee argued that communism would outlive capitalism, and that led to the reinforcement of his words, a quote from the “Communist Manifesto” of Marx and Engels, which stated that the bourgeoisie produces “first and foremost its own gravediggers”. “History is on our side! We’ll see about your funeral!” exclaimed Nikita. The last phrase was translated as “We will bury you!”. Knowing the emotionality of the Russian leader, a threat to immediately believe.

The soccer war

Unlike previous occasions, when it was basically the first persons of the state, here the “mistake” was made the national team of El Salvador, having beaten Honduras in the qualifying matches of the 1970 world Cup. Everyone knows the temperament of football fans, but as a rule, the splash of emotions is local. This time lost the match resulted in a real war. The unrest began already during the first game in Tegucigalpa (capital of Honduras), after which some local resident had committed suicide, saying he did not survive such a shame. After the second match (3:0), held in San Salvador, the unrest has reached alarming proportions: they were beaten, the players and the fans of the winners, burned their flags. In Honduras, in turn, staged a real hunt for Salvadorans. On 26 June 1969, El Salvador announced the termination of diplomatic relations with Honduras, and on July 14 Salvadoran army went on the offensive.

The war, known in history as football, lasted only six days, but expensive (both literally and figuratively) at a cost to both parties: military spending, closing the borders, cessation of trading, thousands of dead and wounded. A peace Treaty between the two countries was signed in 1980. By the way, the national team of El Salvador, published then in the world Cup final, took the other teams in last place, losing dry the rest of the participants.

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