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Interesting facts for fans of the movie “Titanic.” Photo

Интересные факты для фанатов фильма «Титаник». ФотоThe film has many fans.

Hard to imagine it, but with the release date of the movie “Titanic” it was as much as 20 years.

To the jubilee of one of the saddest love stories of all times and peoples we have unearthed a few interesting facts about the filming of the movie. It sounds like a good reason to review your favorite movie, just don’t forget to stock up on the hankies.

For the role of Jack Dawson auditioned actors such as Tom cruise, brad pitt, Christian bale, Macaulay Culkin and Matthew McConaughey. With the latest Kate Winslet even auditioned. But the role went to a young and unknown Leonardo Di Caprio, which henceforth was destined to become the idol of every girl in those years.

By the way, Winslet’s role also got not too easy. For the main role and fought Madonna, Sharon stone, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder and Uma Thurman. To increase your chances, Kate got a phone of the Director and mumbled into the phone: “I have to perform this role and you will be mad, if you don’t take me.” However, now she denies it, but confesses that she had sent Cameron… roses with a note saying “From your Rose”.

The movie “Titanic” cost more than the ship itself the Titanic. The picture has cost the creators of $ 200 million, while the construction of the ship cost $ 7.5 million (or $ 150 million in modern money).

Интересные факты для фанатов фильма «Титаник». Фото

According to the script, Rosa was to prick her groom pin, but Kate Winslet has decided that it is much more fun to spit in his face. Did so.

If the film cut out all the scenes that are shown in our days, and leave only the events in 1912, the timing of the tape will be 2 hours 40 minutes — that’s how long it took for the liner to go down.

Cameron did not want to use any song in his film. But the composer James Horner secretly recorded a song with Celine Dion, and then gave the tape to the Director. The singer, by the way, had doubts about the song: the song she didn’t, but when she read the script, I changed my mind. On the soundtrack of the crying all, including Celine.

In 1995, Cameron made 12 dives to the ocean floor using submersibles to see the wreck. Then the Director realized that he could neither drop to fake out their work and obliged to give his film a tribute to all the victims.

Интересные факты для фанатов фильма «Титаник». Фото

Remember the phrase DiCaprio, he shouts on the deck, “I’m king of the world”? This is pure improvisation for the actor — in the script it was not.

The painting became a record holder in several different areas, including a record of the duration of the hire — 287 days in cinemas. “Titanic” was still in theaters, and meanwhile, the makers have already released the film on VHS.

When we see a Rose in old age, we show that she has a dog — a Pomeranian. This was done on purpose: an air crash found alive three dogs, among which were two Pomeranians and one Pekingese. By the way, were filmed scenes as animals try to escape during the crash, but they cut — the Director thought it is too cruel.

Интересные факты для фанатов фильма «Титаник». Фото

During the production of a film called “planet ice.” This was done including because of the secrecy during the filming that other film studios, who were also able at this time to make films about the “Titanic” saw the production process.

The film’s budget exceeded the original 2 times, becoming at that time the most expensive film of all time. Film company 20th Century Fox to cut huge costs, was forced to invite another company — a competitor Paramount Pictures. In truth, few people believed that the film will pay off.

Dress Kate Winslet were made given the fact that it looked good in dry and wet.

Интересные факты для фанатов фильма «Титаник». Фото

The scene where Jack draws the Nude portrait of Rose was taken in the first day of shooting. The Director needed a genuine emotion and embarrassment, and the actors just were not familiar until now. But Winslet went even further: prior to filming, during the visit, Kate showed Leo his chest, because he knew what scene they have. She did it to the young actor did not hesitate too much.

In the same scene Jack said, “Lie down over there, on the bed… er… on the couch!” It was a reservation, it was necessary to mention only about the sofa, but nothing did not change, and this version was included in the final installation.

Some moments in the film is based on the memories of the surviving passengers. For example, the scene when the man put two little girls into a lifeboat and says, “It’s only for a while” — based on the story of one of the rescued girls.

Интересные факты для фанатов фильма «Титаник». Фото

Cameron wanted his characters were completely invented by people, however, after finishing the script, he found out that on Board was a passenger named John. Dawson.

Fans of a thousand times have argued that, could the Jack be placed with a Rose on the chip and thus be saved. Schoolgirls from the UK even had their own experience and proved that the hero DiCaprio had all the chances. All this talk a bit angered Cameron, who claims: “On the 147th page of the script says that Jack will die. Simple as that.” According to the Director, if Jack survived, the film would be quite different, yet this painting is about loss, and the death of the protagonist was simply necessary.

By the way, a piece of wood, which had escaped rose an exact copy of the fragment, found after a shipwreck and exhibited in the Museum in the city of Halifax.

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