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Interesting facts about the great clairvoyants. Photo

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. ФотоProphecies made by many saints, scholars, writers, mediums.

Some of the predictions came true, others did not. The modern soothsayers say, the present is priceless, but in order to change the future – you need to know your past, and not in a hurry to look away. However, the seers of the past, at times, also chose to encrypt their vision.

Among the fulfilled predictions – the fall of the monarchy in Russia – warned about this St. Seraphim of Sarov. About the metropolis – a modern city, said not a prophet, and Jules Verne, about nuclear weapons – Herbert wells in the novel “Liberated world”, about the Second world war was said by many, but the first is Michel Nostradamus.


Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Vangelia from an early age playing doctor and… blind. Blindfolded and searched for hidden things. The vision disappeared after the child took a whirlwind that filled his eyes to the ground. During the Second world war she told where to look for the missing warriors, from the time it began to come for help many people. Took Wang free of charge, and in 1967 it was designed as a civil servant, but despite the good salary, Wang is not enough money for the operation, and she died from breast cancer.

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

“Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn…” – when such a prediction came from the mouth of a blind clairvoyant, all thought, we are talking about the city, about the words of Vanga remembered when sank the nuclear submarine “Kursk”. Vanga predicted the death of Stalin, the collapse of the Soviet Union. A message manages to explain only after they are fulfilled, so about the terrorist attack in USA in September 2001, Wang said: “Fear, fear! American brethren will fall, nibbled to death by birds iron. Wolves will howl from the Bush, and innocent blood will be shed by the river.”

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Wang is one of the few who spoke clearly, but that does not help. According to the prophecy, in the near future may start a Third world war, however, Wang said it before, in 2010, did not materialize. In addition, Wang predicted that due to the economic crisis in different countries will be massive discontent and unrest, which should result in armed clashes. 2017 Wang described the end of world stability. The right will be the one who is stronger and will be able to take everything from your neighbor. The authority will seek only to defend personal interests and for profit. Literally, the prediction of the soothsayer reads: “somewhere spilled blood will be a little, but people, like animals, tearing at each other, and the sight of blood they will not be terrible, but on the contrary, will intoxicate them and will push them to new atrocities which cannot but affect the future.”

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Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Nostradamus – French physician and doctor of Sciences. Produced the Yearbook with the predictions by months. He has repeatedly warned that its predictions “because of the potential harm to the present and especially for the future” sets out deliberately in the most vague, mysterious terms. In his prophecies of the few concrete dates and names. Their vision of the future Nostradamus encrypted and recorded on a mixture of four languages — Latin, old French, Italian and Greek.

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

From that came the September 11, 2001. The prophecy was: “At 45 degrees will light the sky, the flame reaches the great new city, immediately a huge flame rises. Cold and hard heart will bring blood. There will be no mercy for anybody”.
Scientists interpretiruya “forty five degrees” as a reference to the location of new York at latitude 45 degrees, or on a building, which in the fall makes an angle of 45 degrees with the ground.
As for this year, perhaps in 2017, will be born a unique child with versanyi about humanity. As stated by Nostradamus, with age, the child will gain great power so that he will worship the “kings of the world”.
The Messiah would be born in a country where the “cold forest, and near the place of birth will be full of malachite”. Decode the data scientists have suggested that it could be France or the Urals.

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

For 2017 Nostradamus predicted the conflict between Turkey and Iran. At first it will be a local war, the advantage which, ultimately, will be on the side of Iran. In the future this war the Turkish side may try to use for its expansion into Europe. In addition, in 2017, we will continue the war between Islamists and Christians.

Wolf Messing

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Wolf messing – Soviet entertainer, performing psychological experiments “mind-reading” audience, honored artist of the RSFSR.
In the middle of the last century, but have been extremely popular and has consulted even Stalin. Meanwhile, the prediction that nearly cost the life of a young wolf Messing, sounded from the stage theater in Berlin, it was: “a fascist regime face imminent collapse.”
During the great Patriotic war wolf messing, being already known in the USSR, was evacuated to Novosibirsk, where he continued his speech, he gave the people the main hope, naming the date of the end of the war.

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Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Messing talked about the end of the world predicted by some seers. In 2017, in his opinion, will be uneasy, but before the war will not come. People expect an unknown disease that will be defeated. Messing said that in 2017 people will come who will save all. This year will be a period of tests and trials of strength. The world is waiting for the renewal of the political and economic structure. In 2017, he said, is also expected to natural disasters, and in October of Siberia, he predicted, will flood.


Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Matrona Nikonova native of the Tula province. Future clairvoyant was born with blindness. One of the women whose lives and exploits are glorified her among the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. The matron, perhaps the most surprising – the ascetic of the twentieth century. Before her death, Matrona predicted what will happen after: “I feel sorry for you, live to the last times. Life will be worse and worse. Serious. The time will come when you will put the cross and the bread and say – your choice!”

Занимательные факты о великих ясновидящих. Фото

Repeated Matrona of Moscow the fact that the people cease to believe, and from this place all the ills. More than fifty years ago, the great soothsayer predicted the total disgust of the people of God, because his replacement would be material values. This will be preparation for a global catastrophe.
“People under hypnosis, not himself, a terrible force dwells in the air, penetrates everywhere, sooner swamps and dense forests were the habitat of this force, as people went to the temples, wore the cross and the house was protected with images, lamps, and sanctification, and the demons flew past these houses, and now populated by demons and the people of unbelief and rejection of God.”

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