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Interesting facts about Scotland Yard in the time of Sherlock Holmes. Photo

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. ФотоAbout the exploits of London police write books.

London police Scotland Yard, once received wide acclaim in the Soviet Union, thanks to a serial about Sherlock Holmes, traces its history back to 1829. Originally the headquarters of this police establishment was located on the street Great Scotland Yard in Whitehall, and in 1890 moved to a new building on the banks of the Thames, which became world famous under the name of new Scotland Yard. In this review, a few little-known facts about the London police during the reign of Queen Victoria.

1. Scotland Yard were built by the prisoners

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

Between 1890 and 1966, the two buildings, known today as the buildings of Norman Shaw, named after their architect, Richard Norman Shaw, was the headquarters of the Metropolitan police. Building located on Victoria embankment and Victorian Romanesque style, on a granite base with classic red and white trim, red brick and white Portland stone. Granite was mined by prisoners of Dartmoor and other prisons. They worked on the facades of buildings.

2. The underground passage to the House of Commons and the House of lords

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

North building Scotland Yard Norman Shaw stands on the Foundation originally intended was not for him. In fact, he was supposed to serve as the basis for the National Opera, founded in December, 1875, the Prince Alfred. However, the money for construction is not enough, and it was discontinued. And in 1880, the Metropolitan police bought the land, and this place was built Scotland Yard.

The Foundation and underground passages it was decided to leave. According to James Henry Mapleson, Opera impresario who worked on the construction of the Opera house, there are underground passages linking the building Scotland Yard with the House of Commons and House of Lords, and the railway station.

3. Errors during construction

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

Despite the fact that the project’s North building, Norman Shaw were coordinated with the police, on completion in 1890 it turned out that it is no longer sufficient for the increased needs of the Metropolitan police. And only in 1906, finally completed the construction of the second building, South, with an extensive network of subway lines. On pictures 1898 shows the North building and in the middle, in the foreground, you can see one of the stations.

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4. Inspection of cabs

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

In the Victorian era in the Metropolitan police Scotland Yard was assigned the reviewer role and drivers of cabs and omnibuses for the presence of licenses. In 1862, each of the drivers of four-wheelers had to get a room and pay a license fee (one shilling for a day’s work). Everyone who wanted to become a driver fills in a special form and handed it to Scotland Yard.

There they had to pay five shillings for the badge and half a crown for the tickets. After inspection of the vehicle and the exam can be started. But every year the vehicle were to be checked.

5. Work without days off

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

In 1870 the industrial workers in England were formally given the right to rest. Since 1874, the working week was 56 hours – 10 hours from Monday to Friday and 6 hours on Saturday. As for the police, in the Victorian era the right to rest they had. And only in 1910 the official output appeared in them. Through Parliament, this law was held by Winston Churchill.

6. The law of damages

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

In Victorian England the police were deprived of the attention of the authorities, and during periods of civil unrest they were experiencing and even contempt on the part of protesters. In 1866 Hyde Park riots broke out, caused by the decision of the Minister of foreign Affairs to ban the rally of supporters of the League reform, the suppression of which 28 guards were killed. However, sympathy from the authorities, the police never came.

In 1886 a Law was passed concerning indemnification of damage caused by the riots. The Victorian view was that the duty of the police to stop the riots. If they don’t do it, it must compensate the damage.

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7. Supervision Department in Scotland Yard

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

During the Victorian era the staff of the supervision Department in Scotland Yard helped the former prisoners to lead a decent life. And if the person was applying for a job, the police never informed the employer about his past. In the departments kept records of all cases released from each prison to track possible contacts between them. Police investigating the crimes, with the help of these archives were searched for their similarity to the crimes committed earlier.

8. The “black Museum”

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

The Crime Museum or the “Black Museum”, contains the objects which are evidence in the investigation of the loudest crimes. Unlike conventional museums for a long time this terrible vault had been visited only by the police, and in 2013 the Museum opened to the public. In 1869 the police were allowed to confiscate items belonging to the prisoners, to train their employees. Then inspector of Nîmes and the first exhibition was opened. To him belongs the idea of creating such a Museum.

9. Murder in Whitechapel

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

The brutal murder of 1888 in Whitechapel remained unsolved. Five women were victims of an unknown assailant under the name of Jack the Ripper. But after this was discovered six more, presumably his victims. Five of them were identified, and the sixth, an unidentified woman was found in the basement during the construction of the North building, Norman Shaw for Scotland Yard.

10. Explosion 30 may 1884

Интересные факты о Скотланд-Ярде времен Шерлока Холмса. Фото

30 may 1884, at Scotland Yard, an explosion occurred, which seriously damaged the building of the criminal investigation Department of the Metropolitan police and the office of the Special Irish branch. Fortunately, the only neighbors and the taxi driver was injured by shards of glass. Two more blasts in other parts of the city. All the attacks connected with the fenians – members of the ”Irish Republican brotherhood”.

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