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Interesting facts about bitcoin, which everyone should know

Интересные факты о bitcoin, о которых должен знать каждыйThe experts shared the unusual moments in the life of bitcoin.

The publication, Banking Technology submitted a list of interesting facts about the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency.

Exchange rate for bitcoin is very close to the record level of $4500. Economists have started to argue about whether to replace the dollar with bitcoin as the main reserve currency. Meanwhile, few people know the details of the development and functioning of the most expensive and popular of the cryptocurrencies. Here are 30 of the most interesting facts about bitcoin:

1) 1.5% of bitcoins owned by the FBI;

2) as the mythical founder of bitcoin, Nakamoto should today be $2 billion were Made number of attempts to uncover the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, but to no avail;

3) no organization or government controls bitcoin currently;

4) 64% of bitcoins have never been used and never will be used;

5) bitcoin price increased 879 999 times since 2010;

6) the major bitcoin startups — Sircle Blockstream and Digital assets holdings;

7) banks that use the blockchain technology, annually save from $8 million to $12 million;

8) only 807 people around the world paid taxes on income earned in bitcoin;

9) Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, which is the fourth largest in the world, was hacked on 29 June 2017, from the accounts began to disappear large sums (mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum);

10) American ordered a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins on may 22, 2010 is $5 million at today’s exchange rate;

11) transactions in the Bitcoin network are irreversible;

12) the Briton threw out hard drive with bitcoin at $7.5 million with the confidence that everything you need with it copied and then realized what he had done;

13) all the data on the transactions of bitcoin are freely available and can be seen in the blockchain;

14) the computer network of the bitcoin mining more powerful than the 500 supercomputers combined;

15) in 2016, the man accidentally moved in bitcoins equivalent to $137 000, instead of $5 without the ability to pay them back;

16) 21 million — this is the maximum number of bitcoins that will ever be produced. To date, produced about 17 million. It is projected that the limit will be exhausted in 2040;

17) the first University in the world, accepting tuition in bitcoins, became the University of Cyprus;

18) bitcoin will soon be to fly in space;

19) you can earn bitcoins just by playing Counter Strike. The largest prize pool in the history of Starcraft 2, was prepared in the currency;

20) the California district court dismissed the case on money laundering, stating that bitcoin is not money in accordance with the law;

21) bitcoin has risen by 162% since the beginning of 2017;

22) currently, already 48 companies accept bitcoins as payment for goods and services;

23) attempts to create the equivalent of a physical bitcoin coin. Actually Casascius is nothing like cast in the form of coins access keys to digital wallet minted on them holographic code. It is the key Casascius we see all these beautiful photos with the “coins” in bitcoin;

24) guy from Norway named Christopher Koch in 2009, bought bitcoins for $27 and forgot about them, and when he remembered, his investment has risen to $886 thousand;

25) bitcoins are tax-exempt in Belgium;

26) Thailand became the first country in the world banned bitcoin;

27) 5% of all existing bitcoins is drawn to the illegal marketplace on the darknet Silk Road, where trade in drugs and other illegal goods;

28) 69% of banks in the world are experimenting with bitcoin;

29) for the first 5 years, the price of bitcoin grew from zero to $1000;

30) the first bitcoin ATM was installed in Vancouver canadian.

Orbiting the Earth will appear bitcoin-satellites. Satellite startup Blockstream announced their intention to make bitcoin transactions accessible to all. To do this, he rents a communications satellite and will be using them to broadcast information about bitcoin transactions.

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