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Intelligent robot was successfully tested on “humanity”. Video

Умный робот успешно прошел тест на "человечность". ВидеоHe was able to successfully enter a captcha.

The Network is gaining popularity video, which the robot proves that he is not a robot.

Posted by YouTube user Matt Unsworth.

The video shows how simple-robot-manipulator, equipped with a pair of decorative eyes and a stylus successfully overcame protection from bots and spammers from Google called reCAPTCHA. To pass this test, it is only necessary to put a tick next to “I am not a robot”.

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So, mechanical machine, embarrassing slide the stylus on the touchpad, successfully enters the captcha and prove that he is not a robot.

It delights other Internet users. The video has gained more than 1.7 million views in three days.

Is a small click for the robot, and a big click for robotics, wrote one commenter.

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– When robots take over the world, you will need captcha to prove you’re not a person – it was suggested by another commenter.

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