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Intelligent CDN Service

This is an initial for Content Delivery Network. It is an organization of circulated servers or networks that provide users with data pages and other web content.This is done depending on the users’ geographic locations, content delivery server and webpage origin.

It is of great help in accelerating the delivery of websites content that have high traffic and a wide global reach. Anyway, the nearer you are to the CDN server,

the faster the delivery of web content. In addition, it ensures protection against large traffic surges.

How does it Work?

CDN is a system of serves connected together with the aim of providing, reliable, quick, secure and cheap web content to its users. To improve its connectivity
and speed, the CDN puts servers exactly at the exchange points (Internet exchange points) of exchange for various networks. These exchange points are the
main locations where various internet providers connect in a bid of providing each other with accessibility to traffic coming from their own different networks.

The availability of connection to these highly connected and high-speed locations, any CDN provider has the ability to minimize costs and transit times while
still maintaining data delivery at a higher speed.

In addition to putting servers in IXPs, a Content Delivery Network fulfills several optimizations on standard serve/client data transfers. They position Data

Centers at premeditated locations across the globe, improve security while surviving different types of failures and Internet congestions.

CDN is made up of the following features

• CDN has diagnostic logs which permit the user to get elementary usage metrics fight from your CDN endpoint to various sources. This is allows you to use
them in a way that befits you.
• Dynamic site acceleration-CDN has the capability to cache files near to final users in order to accelerate delivery of static files. This is also applicable to
dynamic web applications will ensure dynamic site acceleration improving performance of web pages that have active content.
• HTTPS custom domain support. By using this feature, CDN ensures your subtle data is safely delivered through SSL encryption whenever sent over the
internet. Besides, it offers authentication, protection of your web applications from attacks and increases trust.
• File compression-this feature enhances speedy transfer of files and improve page load by minimizing file size before being sent to the server.
• Caching rules-this allows the user to manipulate default cache expiration behavior both with custom conditions and globally.
• Geo-filtering-this unique feature enablers the user to use CDN to restrict accessing content by country mode.
CDN is known because of its relevant and significant services. These services include the following;
1. Ensuring data security-this is possible by CDN using fresh SSL/TSL certificates that uphold encryption, high standard of authentication and integrity.
2. Enhancing website load times-CDN minimizes distance between users and websites resources. This reduces travel time meaning increased load time.
3. Reduction of bandwith costs-it minimizes the cost of bandwith consumed whenever an origin server reacts to a request,4. Keeping websites online-CDN uses Intelligent failover, anycast routing transfers and load balancing distribution to minimize or get rid of downtime thus
keeping you online for long.

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