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Intel showed a sketch of a new graphics card

Intel показала эскиз новой видеокартыProfessionals graphic Intel are working on a new discrete graphics card, scheduled for release in 2020.

And even though the final product will be a long time, the chip maker never ceases in every way to rouse public attention to shrouded in mystery GPU. For example, yesterday, the network appeared the official concept art of the new accelerator.

As in the case of fan works, the proposed design of Intel graphics Xe is largely inherited from SSD drives SSD Optane 905P format expansion cards PCI-E. Used very large dimensions cooling system with centrifugal fan and on the back there is a metal plate.

It should be borne in mind that this is only a concept, made a 3D designer to order Intel, and video card that will arrive on the shelves of stores may look different. However, some design elements probably can be found in the final version of the accelerator.

Intel показала эскиз новой видеокарты
Intel показала эскиз новой видеокарты

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