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Intel may not meet the expectations of the players

Intel может не оправдать ожидания игроковDisappointment.

In early October of 2017, Intel launched a new family of processors based on the architecture of the Coffee Lake – the solution was designed for the market of gaming desktops

The main innovation was the increase in the number of computing cores, compared to the previous generation Kaby Lake and the new one, optimized for higher performance of the technological process (14 nm++), said “3Dnews”.

As a result, the chips were well received, and Amazon, for example, the best-selling processor was Core i7-8700K.

In 2018, the company is not going to withdraw the heirs of the Lake for Coffee enthusiasts and supporters, this PC. Last year, the famous PC maker Eurocom claimed that Intel is going to introduce 8-core processor a mass in the second half of 2018. He probably would have to get a new architecture Ice Lake and would be made with the observance of the 10-nm.

There is growing evidence that the company is not going in 2018 to market desktop CPU solutions of a family of Ice Lake, and will focus on sales of Coffee Lake. This year, the manufacturer will only sell 2-, 4 – and 6-core solutions – no 8-nuclear Coffee Lake.

This is caused by problems in the manufacturing division of Intel in the development of process technology is 10 nm+ to a level sufficient for the production of high-class desktop chips Ice Lake. It is not known yet how the company intends to respond to the identified architectural vulnerability of modern CPUs, which make it possible to attack known as Meltdown and the Spectre. It can be assumed that the manufacturer will be forced to make some adjustments in design.

The annual production of new family of processors is an important component of the stimulation of the market. New products typically are characterized by high performance, superior energy efficiency, bring new opportunities. Computer manufacturers for the winter holidays updated their offers, and enthusiasts, self-collect PC, buy the new chips.

This year Intel may miss this party, providing an opportunity to strengthen AMD’s position.

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