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Intel intends to return to the market of mobile processors

Intel намерена вернуться на рынок мобильных процессоровIntel fears the merger of Broadcom and Qualcomm.

According to the latest rumors, Intel intends to return to the market of mobile processors. Smartphones continue to gain popularity, and users spend with them more time than with personal computers, so the desire of us corporations to grab part of the pie is very reasonable. Interestingly, exactly how Intel is going to conquer the mobile segment.

According to sources, The Wall Street Journal, Intel is seriously considering the purchase of Broadcom, if that is still to be able to buy Qualcomm.

Recall that at the end of last year Qualcomm, Broadcom made a proposal to purchase, but was refused. However, after that investors Qualcomm directly, said that if the proposed amount was more, the decision could be completely different. Recently again began to appear the news that the deal between Broadcom and Qualcomm still can happen.

Reportedly, Intel is afraid of the merger of Broadcom and Qualcomm, as they can become a serious threat in the market. Therefore, the Corporation is also considering the possibility of acquiring smaller companies to stay competitive. If Intel buys Broadcom after the last swallow Qualcomm, it will automatically become the largest manufacturer of mobile processors on the market.

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