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Intel has patented a new product – curved laptop

Intel запатентовала новинку - изогнутый ноутбукA new form of laptop was already patented by the company.

Intel has received a patent that describes a fully curved laptop.

Thus, the patent describes the device, which are curved and cover with screen and case with a keyboard. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The patent also shows a screen that can be detached from the main body. Presumably, it can be used as a standalone tablet computer.

The patent describes only the appearance of the device and does not indicate possible reasons for the choice of the shape of the hull. We can assume that this laptop may be “anatomically” more convenient to work without the table — for example, on the knees. In addition, curved the laptop probably won’t suffer from overheating, if you put it on soft furnishings.

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