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Instead of a pension — unemployment benefits

Вместо пенсии — пособие по безработице

I believe that the status of pre-retirement age should be fixed somehow more vividly and documented. Pensioners, pretensioner, candidates retired from the first to the fifth degree, depending on how many years left before a well deserved rest.

To survive it is now necessary not only to retirement, but before retirement age. Which gives a person sudden invulnerability. Yesterday you could throw out on the porch, but come 55 Baba berry again again. Already a finger do not touch you across and the words do not tell. And you’ve been bad, and migraines bugged, and the pressure is jumping — but can’t be dismissed. You became a member of the gerontological untouchables.

The President made a promise, deputies wrote the law, gullible citizens will be happy. But gullible we have a lot when you talk about Syria, and when your own skins directly and tenaciously for the fool is almost there. Ordinary citizens, unlike the deputies and the President, know what real life and go to a real job. In the twenty-first century, the older a person is, the harder it is to work. Especially if it’s a modern production technologies, which in the mind of middle-aged employees no longer fit.

The new law does not prohibit discrimination by age — and so it is prohibited, as is any other types of discrimination. But there is a practice. Man after 50 — even the man — finding a job is difficult. Because it hurts, gets tired faster, slower on the uptake, not willing to work overtime. Under any law, employers still try to circumvent formal restrictions. If you can’t fire a woman at 55 years old, it will be dismissed at 54.5. Will create an old worker unbearable conditions, determining him to such duties that he will not be able to accurately and professionally to perform. And then it can be dismissed not by age, but because of the inconsistency of service.

No one except complete idiots would never write in the order that the employee is too old and so he is fired. Come up with a thousand legitimate excuses. And if Russia is impossible in principle to dismiss pretensioners under any pretext, these elderly people will be able to fool around five years but still do not want to go to any retirement.

The state has no money and therefore it doesn’t come up with anything other than increasing age. The government is afraid of the discontent and prohibits the firing of candidates for pensioners and promises them some handouts. But we smarter state. And the difference now is that instead of the older pensions will be paid unemployment benefits.

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