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Install the firmware through TWRP on Xiaomi

Production of phones Saami have an excellent support and frequent updates. The choice of the user is Global ROM, Developer, or Custom. But the next question is – how to install firmware using TWRP on Xiaomi smartphone if the update “over the air” is not satisfied? Today solve this issue.


The introduction of the shell on the device using the Recovery – the procedure is quite complex and demanding. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare carefully. Below you will find key points that you need to pay attention in the first place. Don’t forget that the editors are not responsible for any actions done by you! If you are not confident in their technical knowledge and skills – do not proceed with the procedure.

Unlock bootloader

Alas, without the bootloader you will not be able to put TWRP, and, accordingly, to install the firmware. An unlocked bootloader gives a lot of advantages to the user:
– The opportunity to experiment with a custom rekaveri;
– Easy to obtain root-rights;
– Installation of additional system utilities, scripts and modules;
– Overclocking up to a maximum of digits (can be dangerous for your phone).
Recently, the company has made it easier to unlock the bootloader, and it removed the need to send a request and wait for approval.

Briefly what you need to do to unlock the bootloader:
1. Go to the “About phone” (at the top of the settings menu).
2. 8 again click on the line “MIUI Version”, so we open the menu developers.
3. Go to the “Advanced settings” – “For developers”.
4. Connect to your Mi-account with a smartphone in bootloader status (status Mi Unlock).
5. Now our account is checked, which takes 360 hours.

Then download a special program Mi Flash Unlock and unlock directly to the camera. Learn more about the boot loader can read here.

Install TWRP
The next mandatory step is to install custom recovery. In our case TWRP. To put it in two ways: via a branded app or via FastBoot mode.

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Program Official TWRP App is the most simple and convenient option that does not require unlocked bootloader. The only condition – the presence in the device root. That’s just not always know what is installed in this way. If the official utility does not yield results, use Fastboot. There is need for good technical knowledge. For a start, installed ABD driver and enable USB debugging.

Then download the file that fits a specific model from the official site Recovery. Converting the smartphone into Fastboot mode and enter special commands.

For more insight watch this video:

Backup and download the firmware file
During upgrading deletes all data from the phone, so we highly recommend to make a backup. Personal materials are safe, and you will get access to them.

And, of course, can not do without the archive with the firmware. To upload a file to the repository the official site of MIUI, if you prefer the global/development versions, or with different forums (for example, 4pda) in the case of a Custom ROM. Carefully read the information and choose the firmware appropriate for the specific model. If you are owner of Redmi Note 5, and choose a skin for Redmi 5 Plus – nothing happens. Place the files on the memory card, and in any case not unpack it before surgery. Recovery works with this format.

How to put the firmware via the extended recovery on Xiaomi
So we finally got to practice. So, we begin:
1. Switch the device to Recovery Mode. To do this, hold down the power key and volume rocker up (on select models button and volume down).
2. The standard window, custom, where, first and foremost, pay attention to the tab “Wipe”. A checkmark to note the following items: Dalvik Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage and Cache. Thus, cleared all the internal memory. It is therefore important to place the archive with the firmware on the external storage.
3. Move the slider to the right near the word “Swipe to Factory Reset” to confirm cleaning. Return to the original menu and now click on the tab “Install”.
4. Displayed Explorer, with which you specify the folder with the files. Watch carefully that the path did not come across any Russian symbols. Only Latin alphabet and numbers.
5. The system issues a warning about potential problems. Agree. Optionally cancel the signature of the zip file. Check all the parameters set and click “Swipe to Confirm Flash”.
6. Begins the process of flashing, which was observed in real time. At the end of the operation the screen will show “Successfully”. Only then can you restart the device! Since the interrupt procedure is fraught with negative consequences for the device.
7. Now you only have to tap on “Reboot system” and wait for the launch of the smartphone.
Zip archives and images .img installed on the same circuit. Therefore, you can choose absolutely any variant of the file with the firmware.

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If during the installation you encounter problems, or at the initial stage, you are confused – it is recommended to read another useful article about installing firmware using TWRP on Xiaomi .

Known bugs
Not always the procedure is easy and fast. Sometimes there are some problems and users interested in how to fix them.
Error 6 – the problem with the file updater-script. Solution: open the material through a Notepad and save it in Unix format.
Error 7 – firmware version MIUI doesn’t answer the phone. Solution: download shell, designed exactly for your model.
Error 255 – the bug related to the file updater-binary. Solution: need to replace this item, suitable for your shell.
Error 0 – the firmware lacks a certain file. Solution: re-download the archive, pre disabling the anti-virus.
Now you know how to install the firmware through TWRP. Yes, it is a demanding procedure that requires thorough preparation and good skills from the user. But if you carefully read each item and follow instructions and guidelines – all must succeed.

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