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Instagram added the “dramatic” feature to the Halloween

Instagram добавил "драматическую" функцию к ХеллоуинуInstagram users love the new features.

Instagram added a feature superzoom (Superzoom), which with one tap allows you to shoot an interesting video with the sudden approximation.

The new feature was announced by the official blog of the resource. With Superzoom users can record funny video with dramatic sound effects. To do this, just point the camera at the object and press the button – and you get a three-second video, which you can save or publish the “stories” in your profile. The feature will gradually become available to all users on iOS and Android.

Superzoom is located in the same menu where and Boomerang. If you hold down the button, you can shoot a longer video with automatic approximation. Some users have already tested the new feature and was very pleased.

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