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Insiders talked about a nuclear accident in the United States

Инсайдеры рассказали о ядерной аварии в США The accident occurred at the nuclear plant.

According to the news on the website at U.S. nuclear plant “Pantex” there was a traffic accident. The employees of the facility were forced to press the alarm button to activate the security protocols and notify local police.

Pantex is a plant that produces nuclear weapons for America and for Britain. It is located in the North-East of the city of Amarillo. It is noteworthy that the object is folded arms from the ready-made parts, that is the factory direct production is not involved. Then the question arises: what could happen?

Accurate information, unfortunately, no. The problem could be with the already used weapons which brought to Pantex. The fact that the object also repair of old nuclear bombs, etc. here and it could be something non-standard.

In less than an hour after the alarm had been informed that the problem was solved. There were no casualties. However, how could so quickly to neutralize the threat, which even notified the Sheriff of the local police? Many of the points clearly concealed.

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