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Inside the skeleton of a mammoth, scientists have discovered a “surprise”

Внутри скелета мамонта ученые обнаружили "сюрприз"It’s amazing!

Russian scientists mammoth Museum, North Eastern Federal University in Yakutia have found a unique spear from the Tusk of a mammoth.

It was found inside the ribs and has a polished grooves for a sharp stone plates, said Director of the mammoth Museum, candidate of biological Sciences Semyon Grigoryev.

“Lance gave us mining companies, mining mammoth tusks, they found him inside of mammoth ribs. Length of gun – more than 30 cm, it has a very sharp tip is perfectly polished. At some distance from the edge on both edges of the tool has grooves, completely smooth in width and depth and as if done with a machine. In these grooves were embedded microliths – sharp plates of stone, and it increased the killing power of spears,” – said Grigoriev.

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According to the scientist, these technologies make copies appeared about 12 thousand years ago, before the extinction of mammoths. To talk about whether the mammoth, inside the bones which found the weapon that killed it is the lance, while before – specialists the Dating of mammoth bones and artifacts.

“Lance found North of the Yang Parking, which is considered the most Northern Parking of the Paleolithic period,” – said Semyon Grigoryev.

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