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Insanity grows stronger: Ukrainians laugh the results of the survey in Russia

Маразм крепчает: украинцев рассмешили результаты опроса в РоссииIt can’t be not funny.

The number of Russians who regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, peaked in 2009 and is 58%, with every fourth Russian (25%) of such feelings does not feel. Undecided 16% of respondents.

Those who are nostalgic about the Soviet Union, upset by the fact that “destroyed the single economic system” (54%), “people have lost the sense of belonging to a great power” (36%), “increased mutual distrust, bitterness” (34%), “collapse of communication with relatives and friends” (26%), “the lost sense, what are you doing “at home” (25%), “it became difficult to travel freely, to go on holiday” (15%).

Also 52% of Russian citizens believe that the Soviet collapse could have been avoided. That it was inevitable, sure 29%, undecided – 19%.

The poll was conducted from 24 to 28 November, among 1,600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 localities of the 48 regions of Russia.

“Regrets like this: Oh, when I was apart of the Union, I was a quarter century younger and why I left from this country”, “they only Left to decide what I want: 1.of Krasniy terror 20, 2.repression and the GULAG is 30, war 40, deprivation of passports of rural residents 50, war and total deficit 70_80… the slave mentality of the herd-diagnosis!”, “It is not surprising. In such a state of topicali population proportionately increased and the number of regretting the collapse of the Soviet Union,” – commented the publication of users.

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