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Injection style: Test-drive the Citroen C-Elysee

Инъекция стиля: Тест-драйв Citroen С-Elysee. There is to sew, then to take, to correct here: facelifted C-Elysee Citroen – the pros and cons of the model.

Any update of the car forces the manufacturer is akin to plastic surgery a skilled surgeon there to take away, to kill around here to correct here. But somehow, after meeting with the facelifted C-Elysee Citroen head rush just thinking about the beauty industry. Perhaps the country of origin of the sedan as it suggests. So, what features are affected by this “plastic”?

Weekly meeting and exam disgusting roads of Central Ukraine in the hands of our journalist this time kept the Citroen C-Elysee — in the maximum configuration SHINE (only with the absence of several options), with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine 115 HP and 6-step “automatic”.

Sveti Sveti…

The face-lifted Citroen C-Elysee was first shown to the public about a year ago, and in 2017, a sedan drove up to the Ukraine. In General, as a standalone model C-Elysee for the first time appeared in 2012. The output of the model to our market in the pre-crisis 2013, played with the sedan cruel joke — then the young family buyers, its target audience, dramatically decreased the income. Fortunately, to recognize and correctly assess interesting b-class are corporate parks and taxi service.

Felt that the authors of the restyling wanted changes in appearance like in the first place young and emotional. The most noticeable change is the form and content of the headlights which have become more rectangular, and got a pair of C-shaped frames around the lamps. In the front bumper settled horizontal DRLs and chrome inserts. On the rear is also visually attract new lights “gormolkombinat” content — different size complex elements fit into one another and create the 3D effect. Complement the fresh look of the chrome moldings on the window-sill shelves, 16-inch Legaspi vnye disks of new design, and again, a new bright metallic blue.

Stated 138 mm ground clearance — honest. On roads of national and regional significance “Citroen” never flinched from the bottom of the asphalt affected by the waves, rising sometimes as the Carpathian mountain ranges. Visibility in the rear view mirrors traditional sedans, raised the feed forcing you to be careful and very careful when Parking. The fact that the rear view camera and sensors are in the list of equipment offered for a fee.

To add here, change there

Changed if restyling is something seriously. No. All the cars appeared to order new upholstery materials, which are known as more durable. In my own experience also and the seats (especially the front) have added to the comfort, and become a little tougher, better holding back. The rear sofa is a French soft.

Recently for the C-Elysee is optionally available 7-inch color screen multimedia system, and the older models of the brand, able to make friends with smartphones to display service information and transmit the picture from the rear camera. The hero of our test to these pleasures, but the regular black-and-white radio allows you to connect your phone, play them from the media, differing excellent “tenacity” found on the radio. Conveniently, the audio controls, and cruise control displayed on two separate steering unit. Itself steering wheel has not changed and is still not regulated on the flight, only along the vertical axis.

The expensive models of the sedan slightly updated inserts in dashboard, their design is good. Assembled in the Spanish plant of PSA group, Citroen right after you’ll be cool “integrity” of the cabin. No pavement, no potholes, not to squeeze out of hard plastic noise. Yes, we have a new car, but this sin many new sedans-classmates. But the ergonomics of observations left — adjust exterior mirrors almost completely hidden behind the steering column, and the keys of the electric Windows need to reach under the center console. A small pun of the designers of the interior of the attentive motorist will find near the hand brake lever. Under the cap that says AUX is hidden a completely different connector — USB. But, I admit, the surprise was pleasant. Not all competitors present at least some of the armrest, the “Frenchman,” he’s comfortable, and even with the pocket.

The Luggage compartment restyling has not affected, it is still equal to 506 liters. Under carpet-covered plywood hidden temporary spare tire, and tool kit. Interestingly, the “tilt wheel” borrowed from more modest versions of the 15-inch stamped disks, where it is identical to the other four wheels.

Robot, step aside

The restyling has made minor corrections and technical stuffing of the model. For “Citroen” available in three motor: couple “Benzino” and one turbodiesel. Thus, the base petrol 1.2-liter engine gained 10 HP in power (now 82 HP). The 1.6-litre diesel unit still develops 92 HP, and its gasoline “monocab” — 115 HP. For the latter, incidentally, now offers a 6-step “automatic” instead of the slow robotic transmission. On the test car just installed a pair of “1,6+automatic transmission”.

Classic hydroautomatic Aisin 6 steps behaves the same as the whole family sedans measured — predicted change transmission, provides a smooth acceleration, great brakes with the engine on descents. Just like old times, modes of transmission (and winter sports) are activated by separate buttons next to the lever “machine”. However, for the sake of the smoothness of operation had to sacrifice fuel efficiency. Even according to official data, the C-Elysee in the city spent at least 10 liters.

Outside the city you can easily fit 5-6 liters per 100 kilometers. The secret of this difference is that for city automatic transmission running in top gear in a wide range of revs and speeds (70 km/h and above). To 100 km/h Citroen accelerates in 10.8 seconds. The figure, though not a record, but the process is the set speed is accompanied by an interesting sounding motor and exhaust system on the higher octaves.

Suspension with struts “McPherson” front and torsion beam rear turned out to be a little tougher than expected. I think that a more modest 15-inch wheels and tires with a larger profile, the sedan will be more comfortable. Although the rigidity of the more far-fetched, and in fact the suspension is not so much hard, how much noisy in operation. The method of treatment is to improve the insulation of the underbody and the wheel arches.

To whom it is closer?

The Citroen C-Elysee in the Ukrainian market has developed an interesting situation: in modest trim levels (start from 309 000 UAH.) it competes with one group of machines, mainly of Asian origin to top the variations (in the region of 450 000 UAH), he grapples with the more serious European competitors. In the first case, he is clear favorite and the quality of workmanship and technical level. In the higher segment, where the competition is equal, in favor of “Citroen” tell an interesting design and some of the rich options. In one word, you imagine it turns out that even in the class of budget sedans you can choose heart.

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