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Inhumans-Marvel supermen go to IMAX (TRAILERS, POSTERS)

IMAX-format, and 3D, is going through hard times, if we talk about the theatrical release. Period fashion for these to be more expensive than an ordinary trip to the cinema, a form of entertainment has passed – at least until, while James Cameron will not begin to bake the sequels to “Avatar.” And yet the same owners of the IMAX network have to invent something new that people haven’t stopped going to the movies. For example, the premiere of a new series based on the Marvel comics will be exclusive to IMAX!

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The show is called “Supermen” (Inhumans) and resembles a mixture of the Saga of X-men with “Game of thrones”. The last series of the Association came because the role of the main antagonist in “the Superhumans” (however, the name can be translated into Russian as “bad people”) went to actor Ivan Reon, best known for the role of the bastard of Bolton.

History of the Royal family, belonging to a race of Supermen. Due to the military coup, the members of the Royal family under the leadership of the Black Thunder are forced to leave their home in the lunar city of the Inhumans and escape to the Islands, as later turns out to be Hawaii, where they have to save not only himself but the whole world from destruction.

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Premiere at the IMAX will take place on 31 August, in the meantime, watch trailers and posters.

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