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INHABITANTS: Gothic horror, sophisticated, classic (REVIEW)

Irish horror film “Inhabitants” (The Lodgers) in July appeared before a Russian audience, but someone’s hands before it reached just now. Home viewing, however, it fits perfectly: to sit in a quiet environment, in solitude, to pour himself a Cup of tea… And don’t be afraid to spill, the film is very well escalate the horror, but fear to take not trying.

So, 1920, died down First world war, which even in the face of a common enemy failed to unite the Irish with the British. There is a quiet, but no less brutal struggle for the independence of the Republic. However, the young characters in the movie all exist in some other world, to which they are strangers, ghosts from the past. The plot of “Life” revolves around twins Rachel and Edward, living recluse in an old abandoned mansion. The family curse does not allow them to leave this house, demanding strict implementation of multiple rules formulated in the form of lullabies. First, we need to be in bed by midnight. Second — there are no strangers in the house. Third — if someone from them tries to escape, the second is not live. In any case, children destined to an early death. Like their parents, their parents parents, parents parents, their parents… Well, you understand.

View the “Inhabitants” of such a reading of the Gothic novel, and this comparison is inevitable, as Director Brian O’malley specifically emphasizes that the literary nature of his creation. Rachel quotes Edgar Allan PoE, and harmless little Raven becomes a symbol of the curse and death.

In General, the abundance of interesting details is fascinating. Bird skeletons, the elegance of chaos, the candles, the wonderful landscapes, the melancholic, the reflectivity of the actions of the twins and the water dripping up… the Scenery at all desire could not be more authentic, because the shooting took place in Loftus Hall the famous haunted castle in the County Wexford. And the actors look at this background is very harmonious: Charlotte VEGA in the role of a beautiful virgin, bill Milner with his aristocratic monstrosity and wonderful British twang, Eugene Simon in the image of the Prince on one leg and David Bradley, because there will be no grumpy old man, and with such a magnificent hawk’s profile!

But the story itself is very simple, and O’malley is not too hard keeps the intrigue. The hero is Simon, a soldier returning from war, generally, is present here solely for the sake of the composition. In fact, the knight in shining armor this Princess is not particularly needed. She has to face her dragon, which is gradually becoming cute brother.

Then if you want you can see (and not see) some implications of. The family curse with all these rules reminiscent of excessive parental care. The love of fathers and mothers turns to the dark side when they are trying to completely control the lives of their children, sculpting them out of their exact copy. Edward, himself a victim of this perverted succession of generations, becomes a carrier of love and oppression. In short, a classic Patriarchy. Accordingly, the desire of Rachel to run away from home gets more feminist overtones. That’s the only crow that lives inside of you, not so easy to escape.

In the end we get the story as a parable, unpretentious and full of interesting details, harmoniously combining the dark and naively romantic. Horror without gansterov, depressing, at times, dreamy and very beautiful.

In short, this Gothic horror, sophisticated, classic.

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