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Inhabitant of the Crimea “sew” the case for review on the social network

Жителю Крыма "шьют" дело за комментарий в соцсетиThe activist faces up to five years of imprisonment.

Crimean activist Igor, Movenko indicted on criminal charges of “Public calls to extremist activities”.

According to the Crimean human rights group, at the moment the man is under recognizance not to leave. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

For this article, the activist faces up to five years of imprisonment.

“The criminal case against Igor, Movenko filed for review, which he wrote in the “Crimea-Ukraine” the social network “Vkontakte”. The review was written in the summer of 2016, and expressed Pro-Ukrainian position, Movento” – say human rights activists.

As reported earlier, the “events of the Crimea”, 16 December 2016 in Sevastopol employees of the Federal security service (FSB) arrived at work to Movenko and took him home. The activist seized the work computer. In addition, in the house of Novenco employees of FSB have conducted a search, during which seized a laptop, hard drives, SIM cards and mobile phone.

During the search, Novenco managed to tell his wife that after his detention, security forces beat him. After a search the man was taken to Sevastopol, the FSB. According to him, the FSB officers threatened to put him in jail if he is not recognized “extremist publications” in social networks.

The evening of the same day the man was sent home. However, as it became known, seized during the detention equipment and the mobile phone did not return it.

We will remind, in September 2016, Movenko was beaten in Sevastopol located on the bike frame the symbolism of the battalion “Azov”. As a result the man went to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with opened cherepno-a brain trauma, brain concussion, fractured skull, a broken jaw, a closed fracture of the nose, a contusion of eyeball and other injuries.

Attacker, Novenko himself as a police officer. However, the case for beating Ukrainian did not opened. Instead, in the Gagarin district court of Sevastopol September 22, held a hearing at which movenko beaten, fined on 2 thousand roubles for “the dissemination of Nazi symbols”.

Krymchanin tried to get the police to initiate proceedings on the fact of his beating. He wrote an official letter to the “Investigative Committee”, “Prosecutor” and “police” in Sevastopol. However, it never opened.

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