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Ingenious invention that will be useful in any kitchen. Photo

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. ФотоThe latest devices for the kitchen.

The development of modern inventors affect absolutely all spheres of human life. Did not remain without attention and the appliances for the kitchen, which now make a much simpler processes of cooking. In this article we will discuss 10 amazing devices for the kitchen.

1. BODDUM coffee maker COFFE & TEA MAKER

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Installation BODDUM COFFE & TEA MAKER will certainly appeal to lovers of quality coffee and tea. This is a stylish futuristic device design operates on the principle of a regular coffee pot, but allows you to brew coffee and tea simultaneously. The apparatus consists of 2 glass bowls the same size. Each of these balls is divided into two halves, one of which was filled with water, and the other (with integrated filter) is filled with tea or coffee. When you click “start” balls embedded in the boilers start working. In the lower tier devices are cups, which will emerge ready-made drinks.

2. Machine for baking pancakes CHEFSTACK

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Machine for baking pancakes from the company CHEFSTACK has approximately the same dimensions as a standard microwave oven. To cook her pancakes, you need to fill in the working container, all the ingredients of the dough, and then the machine will do everything itself. For information: performance per hour is до200 pancakes standard size (ø10-12cm). The heating time of the machine – 0.5 hours, and then each pancake is prepared in 30 seconds. CHEFSTACK pancake machine costs 3500$. So the high price is due to the high performance of the devices. It is most often bought by restaurants and hotels for the mass production of pancakes.


Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Smart egg-tray was created by the inventor from Arizona Rafael Hwang. The device is called the EGG MINDER and accommodates up to 14 eggs. Placing the eggs in the tray, the user receives the possibility of using a mobile app Wink App to control their quality and quantity. EGG MINDER if LEDs tells which eggs to eat first. If their reserves are exhausted, the machine will notify the user by sending the text message. The cost of the EGG MINDER is 70$.

4. Confectionery pencil CINNIBIRD

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Device CINNIBIRD was created for fans to decorate their creations with powdered sugar or with patterns of cinnamon. The device is a handle in the shape of a small bird that has a special detachable compartment for loose. Covered back cocoa, cinnamon, etc., you can draw, for example, on the surface of a latte or cupcake, spraying delicious decor by pressing the button. It should be noted that the device is easy to clean, runs on batteries, which lasts at least 1 month. Price CINNIBIRD is$60.

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5. SOMABAR robotic bartender

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

The world’s first robotic bartender, SOMABAR fans will appreciate the loud parties.
Before you start using this device, you should download the official SOMABAR app on your mobile device. Next, in a special glass container, pour the ingredients of your favorite cocktails. Now for each of the guests selects his drink from the list offered by the application (more than 300 different cocktails), which will be ready in a few seconds. The price SOMABAR is 429$.


Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

The company is engaged in the Orang Chef design kitchen accessories for Apple. Among their proposals there is a smart countertop COUNTERTOP PREP PAD. It was created in order to weigh the products that will be further used for cooking. COUNTERTOP PREP PAD is to inform you about the nutritional value of meals and the calories in it. In this smart Board can make recommendations about which ingredients should be replaced or deleted, the dish had less calories.

This Board is suitable for people who prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle and control your own diet by means of devices Fit Bit or Jawbone UP. Size COUNTERTOP PREP PAD – 9 inches. To connect the Board to your mobile device, you need to download a special application and to provide indicators of the user: height, weight and physical activity. The cost of COUNTERTOP PREP PAD is$150.

7. Stabilizer t° COFFE JOULIES

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Young inventors from new Jersey proposed the excellent idea that allows you to maintain the optimum temperature (about 60 ᵒ C) beverage (coffee, tea, etc.). They have created a special material Phase Change Material, which is placed in a capsule of stainless steel, stylized coffee beans. In such grains, the size of a chicken egg when immersed in a hot beverage, changing the aggregate state of the internal filler, which allows to absorb excess heat. When the drink has cooled to a temperature of 60 ᵒ C and below, the granules begin to allocate the accumulated heat that allows you to keep the temperature close to the optimum. The authors called his invention COFFE JOULIES.

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8. Device for Zenker shortcakes

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Many fans oven at home quite often there is a question about how to cut the cake into cakes. The company Zenker has offered a special fixture that allows you to quickly cut a cake into 8 equal cakes. To do this, just need to put the cake in a special shape, tighten the rim to the size of cake and easy to cut cakes layer by layer according to the available in the form of rails. Size shape stainless steel can vary in the range of 24-30cm.

9. The MICROGARDEN greenhouse

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Swedish design Studio Tomorrow Machine for INFARM has developed a method of growing vegetables in your own kitchen. His invention they called MICROGARDEN. MICROGARDEN is a greenhouse small size conical shape, which is made from sheets of recycled plastic. Complete it goes to a powder of agar-agar, and special seeds MICROGARDEN. The surprise is that vegetables do not require for growth and maturation of watering and sunlight (due to the microclimate created inside). Ripening occurs in 5-14 days, and the whole process, the user can observe through the transparent plastic.

10. Oven JUNE

Гениальные изобретения, которые пригодятся на любой кухне. Фото

Has invented a stove that can understand what you are going to do, and to do all the work for you. This table-top oven has named JUNE. One side of the oven is made of triple glass in the door, built a 5-inch touch-screen. The oven is heated to 300ᵒС just 2 minutes by the use of special heating elements. Interestingly, the housing wall of the oven absolutely do not get hot on the outside even if the temperature inside the furnace reaches 500ᵒС.

The most important feature of the furnace JUNE is that it is able to automatically adjust both the temperature and time of cooking. She recognizes and weighs placed in her dish (artificial intelligence). JUNE has a 4-core processor NVIDIA Tegra K1. The process of cooking can be observed even from a mobile phone. However, he will be alerted at the time when the dish will be ready. The cost table oven is JUNE 1495$.

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