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Infographics Saw the victim and traps in numbers

You remember that the eighth “Saw” (Jigsaw) start at the domestic box office in a few days? Maybe you and tickets are already stocked? Anyway, 26 Oct film brothers Spiridov will continue the grossing horror franchise in film history.

It all started in 2004 when James WAN and Lee Wannell turned into a full meter of their own short film. Then we met the ingenious Designer and cute Billy the puppet, but hardly could have imagined that the acquaintance that will last for years.

Much water has flowed since then, and the blood even more. Seven parts of your life lost dozens of people, most of them very subtle ways. And the eighth will certainly add corpses. But have you ever wondered exactly how many victims on account of John Cramer and followers? How many traps created these people? What parts of the body particularly affected during the “games”? Luckily, everything is decided for us.

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Presenting to you the official infographic franchise. Colourful, clear and very curious.

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