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“Info-Gypsies” consulting and Hubbard

«Инфо-цыгане», консалтинг и Хаббард

The Internet has a lot of different descriptions of how dangerous certain business consultants, what threat they pose to the business. On YouTube there are whole channels that are occupied exclusively by the revelations of business coaches. But why business consultants are dismantled, people with no experience in business and where all the same the catch?

For starters, pay attention to the fact that the Internet, and in propaganda programs on TV interview about the risk and harms of different management techniques tells only the salaried employees in the comments. That is, senior executives or business owners who tell us how their company has suffered from a professional consultant business – no.

Of course we should not compare lectures on motivation a La the “Business Youth” and serious consulting. First know how to “light” people and how to sell tickets to their seminars, and the second-versed in the business and can help you to configure it, to identify weaknesses and deal with them.

But even in the case of professionals, the danger is real, and not primarily for senior, and middle management and ordinary employees. Then I will describe what dangers await employees in this way on the example of the Technology Management Hubbard (Hubbard Management System).


The first of which requires the implementation of this management system is its transparency. And we are not talking about literally transparent offices, and the almost complete openness of the organization. It starts with the fact that a prominent place should be posted on a Board with a picture of the company structure and indicating each individual post in the organisation.

The next step is even worse: must be posted in a prominent place all key performance indicators of the organization in the form of a graph for the last 3 months (minimum). For different organizations, the list of indicators will be different, but there are common indicators:

a) the income of the organization;

b) the ratio of income to the accounts;

C) the average value of the employee (revenue divided by number of employees).

Again, the graphs with indicators posted where every employee can see them. Each. So if you used to get paid when it suits you, and then when necessary, this practice will have to stop. On the other hand, employees who are responsible for certain indicators that will not be so easy to tell the owner about his “hard work”, if the performance of their division are on the bottom, demonstrating a complete lack of result.

The next unpleasant surprise is the openness of the distribution of finances in the organization. Yes, you heard right – all distribution of finances should be published and made available to every employee of the organization. How much money this week came into the organization, how many of them were allocated for stationery, how much for transport, how many to purchase new computers, how much to pay, and how much on taxes. Thus, any shortcomings or buying at inflated prices will be visible. And if someone has created additional “earnings” or living on kickbacks, it will be noticeable.

Also it will be impossible any scheme with backtracking on your part. No, of course you can not write “rollback” in a separate column expenses. But if you go in the organization came to a million rubles, it will be difficult then to explain what had happened to the 300,000 of it. And hide it in the costs, too, will fail. Maybe once, maybe twice, but not every week.

So goodbye is a clever scheme, and welcome to white business.

Strict control

The following unpleasant moment control system, which was developed by L. Ron Hubbard, are personal graphics performance of each employee. On the basis of these graphs in the future, decisions will be made on premiums, fines, promotions and demotions. The seller is a graph in which every week will appear a figure of how much he earned for the company. If the whole graph is increasing (3 months ago he was doing 50 – 60 thousand rubles in the week and the last 3 weeks of sale at 70-85 thousand), seller Shine award and a promotion. If the picture is the opposite – fines, penalties and possible demotion.

It is dangerous for any the purposes. That is, if you assign a favorable or important post a man for relationship, a bribe or for long legs, and accessibility, this man will not last long – it will be seen that it is not working. And then you still ask why incompetent people were promoted.

If you “plucked” at well-versed in this system, the “gets” also on intermediate indicators that will destroy any screen employment.

For example: the seller has the main indicator is income, or the number of closed deals. Intermediate indicators will be: interviews, meetings, presentations and invoices. Now, if he will carry on and these graphs, and the individual employee will be periodically selectively to test them (whether the seller makes 10 telephone interviews per day), all the inefficiency is at a glance. And it becomes clear who is working and who is sitting in social networks, playing computer games or just sleeping in the office.

Therefore, if we are talking about the reviews “we were forced to draw meaningless graphs” and you’re either an idiot who could not understand that he needs this graph to note, or an ordinary slacker who knew that filling out a chart at the end of the day, he in fact signs that did not do anything during the day. Few people are nice and usually easier to criticize the boss, the system or the schedule than to force yourself to work. Alas, it is.

However, there are even more serious dangers and pitfalls that you should know when attempting to implement any of the management technologies, production standards and other things. Talk about them in the next part of the article.

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