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Infiniti is Recalling thousands of copies

Infiniti отзывает тысячи экземпляров Version of the Infiniti QX30 has undergone procedure review.

Thousands of copies of this car the Japanese car brands recalled due to the detection of problems in the functioning mechanism of the airbag.

As it became known, the mechanism of activation of the airbags can deploy without the need spontaneously. This activation may provoke a dangerous situation while driving.

Has not been registered incidents with a similar problem, but representatives of the group were approved as a preventive solution for the correction of the defect in these models.

Staff of National administration dealing with issues of traffic safety on highways noted that the combination of factor electrostatic discharge in the case of damaged springs bridge on automotive steering column exacerbates the poor quality of the grounding of the latter.

In turn, this could trigger unintentional deployment of automotive airbags.

This problem appears not for the first time in cars from different companies. Now we are talking about the recall of 17,500 cars version of the QX30, which are released during the period 10 Aug 2015 – 16 June 2017.

Representatives of the companies will contact the owners of the cars after December 18. The fix for this defect will produce a completely free of charge.

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