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Infernal trailer horror “School”

This film is already being called a mixture of “Hellraiser” and “Lord of the flies”. That sounds pretty good, huh? Dark brutal aesthetics and kids, playing cowboys and Indians in the afterlife. Something is waiting for us in the Australian horror film “School” (The School) directed storm Ashwood.

For Ashwood this is the first full-length work, and it seems that the man responsible attitude to debut. Back in may we looked at the hellish photos from the shoot, marking and quality makeup, and a great choice of locations. Recall, a movie filmed in a former psychiatric hospital with a very bad reputation.

However, this film is not about a mental hospital and not even really about school. It’s about who. About the strange hell between life and death.

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“School” will tell the audience the story of a surgeon Amy Payne, attractive and successful woman, trying to, as it should, to perform their duties in the emergency Department. But in addition, she is a young mother caring for her son, who is in a coma. Amy believes that her child wakes up, and gets reprimanded for his obsession from his superiors in the person of Dr. Wang. Finally the woman finally loses touch with reality and is in the School, a strange place where children from her past once again cruelly mock her. What is it? Purgatory? Or coma? And most important, can Amy save her son and leave the School building?

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Starring Megan Drury (“Criminal Australia”), Nicholas hope (“Anaconda 2”) and young Jack Ruwald.

Earlier it became known that the company Cinema Management Group has acquired the rights for international distribution of the film outside Australia and New Zealand, so we are waiting when will announce the date and extent of the release.

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