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Infernal Agony uncensored will not be

Ruthless Polish survival horror Agony came at the end of may, and found that the most-most sheet 18+ was cut by the censors. Later, in June, a new reassure bloodthirsty maniacs information: Steam will be released without the Agony of censorship. The good policy of a resource has occurred on this subject significant changes. So the question was only whether to create a separate game, Agony superior, or to create DLC for the first version. In any case, for owners of the original game it would have been free or nearly free.

However, these wonderful plans don’t seem to come true. The developers of Madmind Studio admitted that they have serious problems:

We regret to inform you that our company currently faced with financial difficulties. For technical and legal reasons Madmind negate the development of superior Agony. Part of the team will continue to support the Agony in Steam and on consoles, releasing new patches.
As for the patch for the Xbox One, we managed to find and fix the error that was present on Xbox One X. We have sent improved update to our publisher who will give it to Microsoft today or tomorrow, and expect that it will be approved in the next couple of days.
PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will get another patch this week. It will contain many fixes and high-tech lighting system.

There you have it. It seems that Agony not categorically pays off. It is understandable, despite the fascinating creepy visual design, the game has received many negative reviews, because the gameplay itself was a hell of a meal.

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