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Indistinguishable from reality graphics showed on the Unreal Engine

Неотличимую от реальности графику показали на Unreal EngineEpic Games showed four different techno-demo of its graphics Engine Unreal Engine 4.

At the conference, Game Developers Conference, Epic Games showed a new demo of the Unreal Engine, introduced with the most modern technology. The developers showed realistic reflections and rays of light, as well as realistic models of synthetic humans and other characters.

In the following demonstration of Epic Games in partnership with companies 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Tencent and Vicon recreated a digital copy of the Chinese actress, bin Zhang (Jiang Bingjie). Finally, in the final video, the developers collaborated with well-known actor Andy Serkis (Andy Serkis), who was translated to the screen many of the iconic CGI characters. Model Serkis read the monologue of Shakespeare, and counted in real time. Finally, in the final video Serkis also played a fictional character Osiris Black

The graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 today is one of the most popular tools for developing video games that utilize many teams of developers in different genres. It is on this engine are popular today are games like Fortnite and PUBG.

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