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India plans to significantly increase the efficiency of renewable energy

Индия планирует серьезно увеличить эффективность возобновляемой энергетикиReportedly, by 2030 the country will cover more than 25% of the total energy needs.

A new report from the International Agency for renewable energy concluded that by 2030, India will be able to satisfy a quarter of its electricity demand from renewable sources.

A study published by the International Agency for renewable energies (IRENA), showed that the achievement of such a result will lead to savings in 12 times more money than the costs that would be required for the development of renewable energy in India. Many concerns about the transition to clean energy has been called India’s dependence on fossil fuels — it is the second country in the world demand for coal after China. But the Indian government has chosen the path of development of renewable energy sources.

The structure of renewable energy of India in 2030 will look like the following: solar energy — 16% of generation, followed by wind power is 14% and hydropower 7%. However, the leading source are various forms of biofuels, which will account for 62% of final renewable energy use by 2030.

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