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Indestructible Brezhnev

Неистребимая брежневщина

Nazarbayev massively compared with Deng Xiaoping. To me this comparison is a grim allusion to the Zhanaozen massacre. (In mainland China was much worse in 1989, of course).

So autocracy (sometimes referred to as a “hybrid regime”). For some reason, the people are ineradicable Brezhnev, sounding the praises of “wise Nazarbayev” is in fact praise never existed option Brezhnev, who sent troops to Prague and Kabul.

Yes, in foreign policy — quite peaceful and tacking between the “centers of power” mode. And yet autocracy.

“Left” Nazarbayev, in all probability, age and disease. You can certainly “manage” and from wheelchair, and from emergency room (as it was in Algeria) — but not always.

What’s next? It is difficult to predict. For example, Uzbekistan now very slowly, but is moving towards democracy, although there existed much more brutal Karimov regime. (And also — of the Soviet nomenclature).

In General, the findings have not yet do. Moreover, comparisons with Russia.

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