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Independent, UK: US will fall like the Roman Empire

Independent, Англия:  США падут как Римская империя

The Middle East expert Robert Fisk argues in the pages of the British Independent that the United States is becoming more like Ancient Rome during the decline of this power.

Independent, Англия:  США падут как Римская империя

Contrary to the Hollywood version of history, the Roman Empire collapsed for a couple of days. The Goths, Ostrogoths and Visigoths captured Italy over the weekend. The fall of power happened slowly, over the years, a small irregular: the forgotten legions of unpaid, and then and loyal allies. Refusal to support the Kurds will have the same effect as in ancient times. If you can no longer trust Rome to any other Empire you are applying?

Putin may be a tyrant, the author continues – but at least he’s sane. And his legions remained in Syria and saved the regime of Bashar al-Assad. They cleared the road of mines LIH (banned in Russia), rebuild roads and even learned Arabic.

Perhaps, indeed, Putin now plays the role of a higher power, Christian, which survived in Constantinople for hundreds of years after the fall of Rome itself.

Independent, Англия:  США падут как Римская империя

The entire middle East is now his Empire, each capital welcomes the Emperor: Tehran, Cairo, Ankara, Damascus, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi.

Independent, Англия:  США падут как Римская империя

More than 20 years ago, continues Mr. Fisk, I was in Washington and was very amazed at how much the Roman way he looks. His great state palaces deliberately modeled the ancient architecture.

Washington was not built as the capital of the physical Empire – more philosophical, like the early Americans during the independence era understand that the city may one day will become the capital of the most powerful nation on earth.

But trump changed all of that. To the despair of his few friends and delight enemies, he devastated America. The Syrians, whose history is much older American, once again played the old political game began to wait. And then moved in Manbij, once the US military left it.

That’s what did the enemies of Rome when the Empire collapsed in Germany, and then in Gaul, the Balkans, and then everywhere, in all territories.

With regard to the noble architecture of Washington, but now it takes its place next to Vienna – the old capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But historic buildings, which should be studied today is the walls of the Kremlin.

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