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“Incredible!”:how was historic for the United States solar Eclipse. Video

"Невероятно!":как прошло историческое для США солнечное затмение. ВидеоIn the Internet appeared the Video, which shows highlights of planetary events.

Today, August 21, at 19:00 Kyiv time, began a total solar Eclipse. Its full phase has lasted 2 minutes 40 seconds and watched it for the residents of the city of Carbondale in Illinois, USA. A partial Eclipse could be seen across the continent.

The Eclipse on 21 August called the Great American Eclipse, because it was the first solar Eclipse since the formation of the United States and the total phase could be observed exclusively in this country. The previous Eclipse visible only from the area, occurred on 13 June 1257.

Millions of Americans went to cities in the United States, where the Eclipse could be best to consider. This natural phenomenon was observed around the White house and on its terraces. The lenses of the cameras caught US President Donald trump with his wife Melania and son Barron.

During a total solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on our planet. Dusk is falling, and around the Sun becomes visible corona – the outer layers of its atmosphere. Also become visible bright stars and planets.

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