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Incredible feats of the most courageous people in history. Photo

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. ФотоTheir stories prove so strong a man can be.

As is known, the true nature of man is known only when it is cornered.

In history there are a lot of people, stories and actions which we admire and wonder how they were able to handle incredibly difficult situations.

In many cases, helped them courage and bravery, the ability to reason and to sensibly choose the right plan of action.

Some of them were able to survive the ordeal only by the willpower and steadfastness.

Leonid Rogozov

1. In 1961, a Soviet doctor Leonid Rogozov removed his inflamed Appendix . He was the only doctor at a remote research station in Antarctica and due to their operations could survive.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

When 27-year-old doctor Leonid Rogozov was stationed in new Antarctic colony, he came down with severe pain and classic symptoms of appendicitis . He knew that the only way for him to be surgery, but since the Blizzard of transport was not, and he was the only doctor on the base, he had to operate himself.

Several people assisted him when he is calm and focused performed the surgery. Every five Rogozov made a break to recover from weakness and dizziness.

It took him 1 hour and 45 minutes to perform the surgery, which he did, looking at the reflection in the mirror. The doctor recovered after a few weeks and again started to work.

Miyamoto Musashi

2. Miyamoto Musashi – Japanese swordsman of the 17th century was twice late to duels and defeated both opponents. In his next fight he decided not to be late and came early, attacking from ambush on those who ambushed him.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

After the war between the Toyotomi clan and Tokugawa in 1600, a young 20-year-old boy Musashi, the young man began a series of duels against the Yoshioka school. He was able to defeat a master of the Yoshioka school, Seijuro one blow. Seijiro, handed over leadership of the school to his brother, Yoshioka Denshichiro, which also caused Musashi to a duel, but was defeated, leaving a 12-year old Yoshioka, Mataichiro as a master.

This so angered Yoshioka family that they ambushed him with archers, Musketeers and swordsmen. But this time, Musashi decided to come much earlier than the appointed time and hid. He suddenly attacked the enemy and killed him, ending with the Yoshioka family.

Roy Benavidez

3. Master Sergeant Roy benavidez fought for 6 hours, obtaining 37 stab wounds and a broken jaw, and his eyes swam with blood. He was declared dead, but when the doctor tried to close it in the black bag, he spat in his face.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

In 1965 benavidez podorvali a mine in South Vietnam and was evacuated to the US, where doctors said that he won’t be able to walk. However, after several months of hard practice, he began to walk again. Despite the constant pain, the Sergeant returned to Vietnam may 2, 1968, hearing the call of help from a captured special forces team.

Armed with a knife and a medic bag, he went by helicopter to save people. He repulsed the attack and helped to save the lives of at least 8 people, but the it is already considered dead. He shoved the bag, and when the doctor tried to put it on, benavidez spat in Tom’s face.

Harald III the Severe

4. Harald III the Severe – Viking, who was forced to leave their native Norway and escape to Russia, became an elite guard in the Eastern Roman Empire and fought in Iraq. He then returned to Russia, married the Princess, and returned to Norway as king, taking with his army to England.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

When Harald was 15 years old, he with his brother, Olaf fought in the battle for the Norwegian throne, which he lost to the Danish king Cnut the Great. However, they lost the battle and were forced to leave the country after spending 15 years in Kievan Rus ‘ and the Varangian guard in the Byzantine Empire.

In 1042 he returned from Byzantium and started a campaign for the return of the Norwegian throne. He became an ally of Sven II, a nephew of the king of Denmark, with whom he became co-Regent of Norway and the sole ruler after the death of Sven. Harald unsuccessfully claimed the throne of Denmark until 1064 year and the throne of England in 1066. His death at the battle of Stamford bridge for the throne of England is considered the end of the era of the Vikings, and he is considered the last great Viking.

Thomas Baker

5. Being wounded, soldier Thomas Baker ordered his squad to leave yourself near the tree with a pistol and 8 rounds. Later, when Baker found in the same place with an empty gun, around him lay 8 dead Japanese soldiers.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

During the Second world war between June 19 and July 7 Thomas Baker has demonstrated exceptional courage. He voluntarily ran Bazooka 90 metres from the enemy, and under gunshot fire.

7 Jul Baker was seriously injured when the perimeter within which he was, was surrounded by Japanese soldiers.

Refusing evacuation, he asked his friends propped him up against a tree with a gun in the clip which was 8 rounds. When he was later found dead, the gun was empty, and lay 8 dead Japanese soldiers.

Interesting stories from the lives of people

Jesse Arbogast

6. In 2001, 8-year-old Jesse Arbogast was attacked by 2-foot sixgill shark, which tore off his arm. His uncle, hearing the noise, pulled the shark out of the ocean to the shore, when the shark still held the severed hand of a child. Fortunately surgeons were later able to reattach the hand.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Jesse Arbogast was on the shore of Pensacola Florida with my uncle Vance Flosenzier when the accident happened.

The first thing that made his uncle pulled the shark out of the ocean and returned to the hand of the nephew. Fortunately the surgeons managed to successfully reattach the hand to the boy.

Jeanne de Clisson

7. A Frenchwoman, Jeanne de Clisson became a pirate in the 14th century in retaliation for what her husband was beheaded. She sold their land and bought 3 ships, painted them black. She attacked a French ship and dealt with the sailors, personally decapitating them with an ax.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

It all started when the French authorities with whom Cocoon once protected Brittany from England, began to doubt his devotion. He was captured and convicted of treason on the orders of king Philip VI. Clisson was beheaded, and his head was sent to Nantes for everyone to see.

Enraged by the execution of her husband, Jeanne became a pirate for 13 years, killed all the French, met her on the way, even after the death of king Philip VI. Thanks to their ruthlessness it was called “lioness of Brittany”.

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Later, Joan fell in love with English nobleman, got married and started to live a quiet life.

Peter Freuchen

8. Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen made a chisel from his own frozen feces to free himself from under the avalanche. In addition, he amputated his frozen fingers with an axe without anesthesia.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Once he decided to take refuge from the Blizzard in the snow, Peter Freuchen was discovered that they were prisoners in a block of snow and ice. For hours he tried to get out of the snow, picking out the snow with bare hands and a frozen bear hide. He almost gave up, but then remembered that dog feces can freeze and become hard as a rock.

He decided to experiment with their own feces and made them chisel, patiently breaking through the snow. Back at the camp, he found that his feet were frostbitten and gangrene. He cut off his toes with forceps, not taking a single drop of alcohol for pain relief.

Charles Rigolo

9. French weightlifter Charles Rigolo put in jail because he punched a Nazi officer, but he managed to escape from prison, prognuv lattice.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Charles Regula was a French weightlifter, professional wrestler, race car driver and actor. He won a gold medal in weightlifting during the Olympic games of 1924 and set 10 world records between 1923 and 1926.

In 1923 he began to work as a strongman in the circus, and it was called “the strongest man in the world”. During the Second world war he was put in jail because he punched a Nazi officer, but he escaped from prison by bending of the lattice, allowing himself and other inmates to escape.

Jesus Garcia

10. In 1907 a Mexican railroad brakeman jesús garcía saved the entire city Nacozari in the state of Sonora, sending the burning train with dynamite at a distance of 6 km from the town before it exploded.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Jesús garcía was the railroad brakeman on the road between Nacozari, Sonora and Douglas, Arizona. November 7, 1907 sparks from the house pipes began to refer to the train, where was the dynamite.

Garcia took an immediate decision and took the train in the opposite direction for 6 km from the town before it exploded. He died during the explosion, and the city was named in his honor Nacozari de Garcia.

Joseph Bolitho Jones

11. A man named Joseph Bolitho Jones or as it was called Mountain Joe, so often escaped from Australian prisons, the police was forced to build him a special cell. However, he escaped from her.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Joseph Bolitho Jones was arrested several times in the middle of the 19th century. In 1848 he was arrested for stealing 3 loaves of bread, a piece of bacon, several pieces of cheese and other products from home. The behavior he so angered the judge that sent him to prison for 10 years.

John was put in prison several times before he turned 55 years old, but has always managed to escape. Even when he was imprisoned in a separate cell, he and she ran away. Still every first Sunday of may in the city Today celebrate the festival of Mountain in honor of the fugitive.

Amazing people in history

Barry Marshall

12. Dr. Barry Marshall was convinced that the bacterium H. pylori causes stomach ulcers, but nobody believed him. So as to test his theory on humans was illegal, he infected himself with the bacteria, and then cured with antibiotics and won the Nobel prize.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Barry Marshall worked in Royal Perth hospital with Robert Warren, who has studied the spiral bacterium and its relationship with gastritis. They suggested that Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers and stomach cancer. But theory is not supported in the medical community, as it was believed that bacteria could not survive in an acidic environment.

Convinced in his own rightness Marshall drank a culture of bacteria, waiting to see what the symptoms appear within a few years. However, in just three days he developed nausea and halitosis, and 5-8 days vomiting. After the tests, Marshall began to take antibiotics, which improved his condition. He later received the Nobel prize for his discovery.

Zheng And Xiao

13. The most successful pirate in history was a Chinese prostitute Zheng And Xiao. She commanded 80,000 sailors and the largest Navy, and so the government was forced to offer her a truce. Retiring from the pirate business with the loot, she opened a gambling parlor, which was kept until his death.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Chinese pirate Zheng married a prostitute in 1801. In turn, she agreed to marry him on the condition that you’ll share the power and wealth. After Zheng died, Zheng And Xiao took the reins in their hands, but knowing that the pirates are unlikely to listen to the instructions of a woman, she was appointed Deputy captain Zhang Bao.

Zheng And Xiao was responsible for business and military strategy, set the pirate code and was led by the growing number of pirates. Reflect all attacks of the Chinese Navy, until they changed tactics and offered Amnesty to pirates in exchange for peace.


14. Mongolian Princess Khutulun said that any man who wants to marry her must defeat her in battle and give their horses in case of loss. She won 10,000 horses defeating prospective suitors.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Khutulun, who was born in 1260, was the daughter of the most powerful ruler of Central Asia – Hyde. She helped my father in many battles, and he considered it his favorite and he always consulted her and sought her support.

Hyde tried to appoint her as his successor before his death, but relatives would not allow it. Marco Polo, Khutulun was described as a gorgeous warrior that could break into the ranks of the enemy and capture a prisoner like a hawk on a chicken.

Hugh Glass
15. In 1823, for the American hunter, engaged in the fur trade, Hugh glass, was attacked by a grizzly bear, which he killed with a knife, being 320 kilometers from the nearest settlement.

He was cured of his wounds, allowing the worms to eat the infected flesh to prevent gangrene. With a broken leg he crawled to the river to make a raft and get to Fort Kiowa. The whole trip took him 6 weeks.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Based on the story of Hugh glass the film “Survivors” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Hugh glass came across a grizzly mom and her two cubs, and she immediately attacked him. Glass was badly mauled and suffered serious wounds but was able to kill the bear with help of their comrades.

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When he lost consciousness, his two partners decided to stay to wait for when he dies and bury him.

But when they were attacked by an Indian tribe, they fled, leaving the glass without weapons and equipment.

When he regained consciousness, he found that all his left, he had festering wounds, and deep wounds on the back was bared ribs. Despite what happened, glass was able to survive and reach the nearest settlements.

Michael Malloy

16. In 1933, five friends of an alcoholic homeless man Michael Malloy had a plot to pick up three insurance policies to the poor and to drink him to death.

When that didn’t kill him, they decided to replace the alcohol with some antifreeze, then turpentine, ointment for horses and even involved in a alcohol with rat poison. Then they tried on him poisoned oysters and sardines, and none of that killed him. After several attempts, they finally managed to kill him by placing him in the mouth with the hose and empty the gas.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

But it was not all that he experienced. When the crooks realized that it is impossible to poison, they decided to freeze him to death. Giving him wine until he lost consciousness, they carried him out into the street when the air temperature is -26°C and poured 19 litres of water on his chest. The next day he appeared as if nothing had happened.

The next time they decided to drive to the car at a speed of 72 km per hour. Although it broke his bones, Michael was soon discharged from the hospital. When he reappeared at the bar, the criminals made a last attempt and this time successfully.

The police later exhumed the body and found the cause of the death of the poor man, and five criminals were executed in the electric chair.

Gordon Cooper

17. During the last manned flight to unmanned spacecraft Faith 7 had technical problems that forced the astronaut Gordon Cooper to take manual control.

Using their knowledge of the stars and watches, he oriented the spacecraft and landed just 6 km from the vessel of salvation in the Pacific ocean.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

All flight spacecraft program, NASA, “mercury” was controlled automatically, including the office of Faith 7, piloted by Gordon Cooper. Auto mode was considered controversial engineering decision which reduced the role of astronaut to a mere passenger.

By the end of the mission, the spacecraft had technical problems, but the mission was saved thanks to the control of Cooper.

Stories of great people

Ernest Hemingway

18. Ernest Hemingway survived anthrax, pneumonia, dysentery, diabetes, high blood pressure, two plane crashes, which led to the rupture of kidneys and liver, a broken skull, second-degree burns, and many other accidents.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Famous writer, journalist and Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway went on Safari to Africa after the publication of the book “the old Man and the sea” and was in a serious plane crash where he sustained serious injuries.

When Hemingway was recovering from the effects, he received the Nobel prize for literature.

Later he was placed in a psychiatric clinic, trying to treat him with electroshock. Ultimately in 1961, the writer committed suicide by shooting himself from his own gun.

Simo Hayha

19. The sniper, known as Simo Hayha killed 505 soldiers during the Soviet-Finnish war without a telescopic sight at a temperature of from -40 0 C to -20 0 C. His face was disfigured after he was hit by explosive bullet, but he survived and lived to be 96 years old.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Simo Hayha joined the Finnish army when he was 20 years old, and soon became an expert in shooting. He served as a sniper against the red army during the Soviet-Finnish war.

Hayha killed 505 more soldiers, although the exact number is a matter of dispute. However, in 1940, Soviet soldiers were still in the sniper. Explosive bullet hit him in the left cheek, mutilated him. Despite everything, Simon lived a long life, before the age of 96 years.

Thomas Fitzpatrick

20. In 1956 Thomas Fitzpatrick in a state of intoxication made a bet, stole a plane and flew from new Jersey to new York, landing in front of the bar. In 1958, he again stole the plane and landed in front of the University, as the bartender didn’t believe in what he did.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Thomas Fitzpatrick was a sailor during the Korean war and an American pilot. Having signed a deal drunk, he stole a plane from the school Teterboro School of Aeronautics in new Jersey and flew it to new York in 15 minutes.

Next time in 1958, he repeated the same thing, stole a plane and landed in front of the private University.

Cliff Young

21. In 1983, the 61-year-old farmer ran a marathon from Sydney to Melbourne. He was the first and was able to run 875 km in 10 hours faster than their closest rivals. While the others slept, and set a record, improving the previous record by 2 days.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Australian farmer cliff young won the super marathon from Sydney to Melbourne with a length of 875 km. Yang fled at low speeds, significantly lagging behind the leaders of the race on the first day.

However, he continued to run and did so even when others slept, eventually overtaking the best runners, he became a national hero. Young received a prize of $ 10,000, but gave it to other athletes, saying he did not know about the existence of the prize and that he participated not for money.

James Harrison

22. James Harrison, who underwent a serious operation at the age of 14 years, when he needed 13 liters of blood. He decided to become a donor when he was 18 years old.

It turned out that his blood contains a very strong antibodies, which help to solve the problem of incompatibility of the RH factor in the mother and child. He has donated blood over 1,000 times and helped to save the lives of more than 2.4 million children, including his own daughter.

Невероятные подвиги самых отважных людей в истории. Фото

Harrison became a blood donor in 1954, when doctors discovered that his blood contains powerful antibodies against antigen D (RhD). Thanks to his donation was able to save thousands of children from hemolytic disease of the newborn.

The unique properties of his blood are considered so important that his life was insured for a million dollars.

Also on the basis of samples of his blood he established a commercial vaccine Anti-D immunoglobulin known as RhoGAM.

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