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Incredible facts about the human body. Photo

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. ФотоScience can be fun.

To know everything is simply impossible. And facts from this collection demonstrate how little we know even about our own body and our life.

One in ten of your friends will not live to 40 years old

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

This was the conclusion reached by the authors of the website Death Risk Ranking — students and employees of Carnegie Mellon University. Their conclusions are based on statistical data of deaths according to gender, age, place of residence and availability of unhealthy habits. Unfortunately, the statistics are merciless: if you have 10 close friends, one of them will likely die before he turns 40.

Full length of human hair — 725 km

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

If the average person is not going to get a haircut from birth until death, the hair is so long it grows over a lifetime. In the calculation are only the hair on the head, of course. But if life is not to shave his beard, it will grow to a length of only 9 meters.

You suffocate in a sealed room

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

Even if close to the person in a fully sealed room, he will not die from lack of air. And all because of poisoning by carbon dioxide people will die much sooner than in the room will end up all the oxygen.

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One of the most active muscles in the body — the muscles focusing the eye

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

On an average day, the focusing muscle of the eye move about 100,000 times. That’s a lot. For example, to make the same movements of the muscles of the legs need to walk about 80 kilometers.

The world is not suitable for lefties

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

Only 7% of people in the world are lefties. So not only do right-handed people live on average 9 years longer than, every year, around 2,000 left-handed people are killed due to errors in the operation of various mechanisms which are designed for righties.

During the life in our bodies appear and disappear bones

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

At the time of birth in the body of a child has approximately 300 bones. But by the time you become an adult, only 206. However, there is an opposite example: all children are born without kneecaps. They are formed during the first few years of life.

We all make a trip around the world

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

According to statistics, every person in his lifetime walks the distance which is three times the circumference of the Earth. So if you are more than 30 years, may assert that you have already traveled around the world.

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“Travel” is possible without even leaving your home

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

Doing ordinary household chores, a housewife can take home up to 11 miles per day. And this is only considering Housewives in wealthy, relative to rich countries. But in Senegal, for example, women spend up to 17.5 hours per week to get food.

Kinship with monkeys

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

This may sound incredible, but on a square centimeter of the human body as much hair, and how much per square centimeter body chimpanzees. Although in appearance they look much more hairy than we are.

Our body is the whole world.

Невероятные факты о человеческом теле. Фото

The human body is the perfect environment for many types of bacteria and microorganisms. If you put them together, their total weight will be approximately two pounds. But why they like to live inside of us? It turns out, according to scientists, the chemical composition of human blood plasma is very similar to the composition of the prehistoric pramara, where life began.

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