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INCORPOREAL monster of hallucinations (TRAILER)

Watch the trailer of the horror film “Ethereal” (Discarnate) about glitches, neurobiology and paranormal monster.

The film is about a neuroscientist who works on a drug that pushes the limits of the human mind. Soon, however, the experiments cause a deadly supernatural threat hanging over his team.

The project is inexpensive and no special claims, but in the cast there was a place a couple of stars, and just familiar faces. So, caste has made Thomas krechman (“the Pianist,” “blade 2”), Bex Taylor-Klaus (“Hellfest” series “Scream”), Nadine Velasquez (“Snitch”), Josh Stewart (“the Astral plane 4: the Last key”), Chris Coy (“the Walking dead”), Jessica Morris (“Evil Bong 666”), Mick Ignis (“Stan against the forces of evil”) and Cassandra Clark (“the Chamber of infinity”).

In the Director’s chair, a famous Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti, debuting in a feature film. The script he helped to write Marcella Ochoa (“my name is Maria De Jesus”).

The trailer looks like something not wow, but monstryatinu I like. What do you say?

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