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In Zhytomyr, the parents accuse doctors of death of the child. Video

На Житомирщине родители обвиняют врачей в смерти ребенка. ВидеоIn Zhytomyr region had died 4-month-old boy who at birth was seriously injured.

As stated in the story TSN, the parents blame the doctors who did not giving birth cesarean section. Doctors pulled the baby by vacuum and caused a head injury.

The 21-year-old Christina Potapenko he was the firstborn. She gave birth in the hospital Malyn district. Half a day the girl lasted the fight, she begged me to make her caesarean section, but doctors refused.

“Three times cling to the head with a vacuum. Head like a onion, small, and three bruises on the back of your head. I ask you this child did what he lies motionless”, – said the father of the mother of Nikolay Potapenko.

According to Christina, the doctors placed the baby on her stomach already dead, instead of to pump. And only then began to take action.

“She said it’s my fault that I did not have enough forces. I was told that the right side of the brain it does not work. He’s always shouting was very nervous, he handles twisted tongue threw out constantly,” she said.

Christina’s father has threatened to arrange mob killings, if punishment would not be legitimate. He said that it’s just all Ukraine. In turn, the head of Department of hospital protects subordinates, supposedly they acted correctly, and the indications for cesarean were not.

“The child began to suffer when she already had attempts, and this was due to the fact that there was a tight entanglement of the umbilical cord. In this regard, began stress, and the doctor made the right decision, because it was necessary to urgently solve. The only way was is a vacuum. Born tragedy child”, – said the head of the maternity Department Natalia Polyanskaya.

The police opened criminal proceedings and check the actions of physicians. According to the Deputy head of investigative office of the Malyn district police station Vladimir Kirichenko was probably improperly treated. The investigators questioned witnesses and collected documents. If blame physicians will prove, to them threatens till five years of imprisonment.

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