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In Zaporozhye with the pursuit detained the drunk driver. Video

В Запорожье с погоней задержали пьяного водителя. ВидеоThe patrol demanded that the driver stopped, but he did not respond, but instead increased speed.

In Zaporozhye the cops were chasing a drunk driver of the Volvo who was driving with excessive speed and at the request of the law enforcement officers did not stop.

About it reports a press-service of the patrol police of the city. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Guards noticed the Volvo S 80 on the junction of the Cathedral and Metallurgists, a patrolman gave the driver the signal to stop, but he did not respond, but instead increased speed, violation of traffic rules. During prosecution, the inspectors handed out an APB to other crews in the city. To block and stop the auto patrol managed on the Coastal highway,” said the police.

During the conversation it turned out that the man is found with signs of alcoholic intoxication. From passing the test for intoxication, he refused. He was taken to the police station for drawing up administrative materials.

Have Zaporiz of netherese driver of amagasa vtekti from petrolina prohably using truncated Misto

Today, about 3-years * NOC, patrulny car trimas parmacy in radaer from CAV Dneprovskogo area about those scho car Volvo S 80 ruhsa s perevedeny vidcast that vimovo prank polc not supinates.

Aharons order patili Volvo S 80 on perekhrest prospects Cathedral that Metalurgs, patrolin filed body signal about supinka, but that is not Dragunov, but on the contrary zblu swidth porushuyut da.

Pid hour peresman, nspector gave Oran him can Mista. Zablokowali TA supinity auto patrolsim unable to Pryberezhne avtomagistral.

Pid hour spilkuvannya vstanovleno Bulo, scho ukazani the citizen pereboeva s oznakama alcoholic SP Anna. From progoganda test mill SP Anna VIN Vdovina. Cholovika delivered to Aleksandrushka vddlo Paltz for skladanny administrativnih materials.

On Demba put she her adminstration Protocol, and in article 130 (control from Stani SP Anna), article 122-2 (Newtoniana requirements about supinka), and also administrativno holds for part 2 of article 122 (Prosd on zaboroneni signal swotor) Art.

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