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In Yemen is brewing large-scale disaster

В Йемене назревает масштабная катастрофа People are dying by the dozens.

The most ambitious in recent years, a cholera epidemic is happening in Yemen amid a severe humanitarian crisis. This statement was made by head of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), world food programme (WFP) and world health organization (who) at the end of their joint visit to the country.

Yemeni crisis demands attention and an unprecedented scale of humanitarian aid, noted in the organizations. “We are witnessing an unfolding disaster whose consequences will be felt more than one generation of Yemenis,” said the head of UNICEF, WFP and who.

As the document says, over the past three months in Yemen was 400 thousand new cases of suspected cholera, 1,900 people died from the effects of this infection.

The main reasons for the rapid spread of the disease – destroyed during the conflict, the health system, malnutrition, and lack of adequate water and sanitation.

“The country is on the brink of full-scale famine – more than half of the population cannot accurately say whether they have food the next day. And exhaustion leads to lowered immunity and vulnerability to infection,” – noted in the UN.

UNICEF representatives also witnessed the dedication of the Yemenis: about 16 thousands of volunteers walk from house to house to tell people about protection from diarrhea and cholera, doctors and nurses working a day without pay.

Local authorities and NGOs with the support of international organizations, including UN agencies, are trying to help the Yemenis to survive the crisis. Broken more than thousands of centers for the treatment of dehydration, a major cause of death with cholera.

In the country supplying food supplements and the most necessary medicines. More than 99% of persons with suspected infection who have the opportunity to be treated can now expect to recover.

However, the number of children with acute exhaustion this year will reach 385 thousand. About 80 percent of minors in Yemen in dire need of assistance.

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